coffee and tea benefitsI am particularly keen on topics regarding coffee and tea. I am a fan of both, but my curiosity led me to do my own research. In the end, it actually helped me come up with a comprehensive generalization and of course a more favored drink. If you are as curious as I am, or just want to learn bits of information, please read on.

coffee bean and tea leafWe have already begun comparing coffee vs tea on our first short article. Now we will discuss more of the overall feel, the drinking experience and the compostition that makes coffee and tea distinct from each other.

Coffee vs Tea - a Comparison Part I

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coffee vs teaBoth coffee and tea are among the most popular drinks in the world. For all other reasons,  these two have always been favored by people from different countries, different races. Science and research kept on telling us over and over the benefits of each but none could really point out which of the two is say, better.  This will be a series of short articles on comparing coffee vs tea, discussing their origins, composition, health benefits and other useful information that might help us determine which really is the one.

Sleek Steep Teapot Review

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Sleek Steep Tea Infuser

Thanks to my good fortune in landing my first magazine job, I received an opportunity to review a truly unique and wonderful piece of tea equipment last week: California Tea House's Sleek Steep Teapot.

Sleek certainly is the word for it: It's a beautiful, elegant piece that matches any dining room or kitchen set. And how about ease of use, you wonder? It's incredibly simple: Add your loose leaf tea, add your water, let it steep for the recommended amount of time, and then the magic happens. Lift the two-cup teapot, place it over your mug or cup, and just lightly press a spot on the underside of the teapot: the tea strains itself right into your mug!

Tea for Me - Part One

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Will I miss coffee? And why am I drinking tea these days?
As a new blooger for California Tea House, I have to admit I am a Tea Novice. But as the saying goes, "Great journeys all begin with the first step." and this is my first step. About the only thing I can really say at this point is that I've been drinking ordinary, grocery store variety, green tea daily for the last eight months. After many years of being a solid coffee drinker, sometimes even 3-4 cups a day, this has been an unexpected run. I've surprised myself that after three months of tea drinking

Coffee used to be part of my morning ritual. For more than 20 years, I would wake each day, drag myself to the coffee maker and put it on to brew. Before rushing out the door, I'd mix it with a big splash of cream and a couple of spoonfuls of sugar and off I'd go to face the day. Sure, coffee gave me enough of a jolt that I could launch myself off to my job as a teacher, but the crash and jitters inevitably followed a few hours later. Soon after, I would find myself becoming impatient and cranky with my students and colleagues, and anyone else who had the misfortune to be around me. Not to mention, I'd feel lousy and tired for the rest of the day.

There had to be a better way.