Can Tea be Good for Dogs?

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It may seem strange, but tea for dogs is not unheard of and can actually have a number of health benefits. Once you’ve done the proper research and have ensured that your dog has no allergies, there’s nothing wrong with letting him or her benefit from the effects of tea. It can be administered using a syringe or straight into your pet's bowl if they have no issues with drinking it themselves.

Tea for Dogs?

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tea for dogsIntroducing the first ever tea for dogs, Machu's Blend. An all-natural, herbal tea blend formulated to keep your best friend healthy, happy and lower the stresses that shorten the lifespan of urban dogs. We have a Great Dane named Machu Picchu who has become a bit of a mascot here at California Tea House. Machu spends most of his time laying around on his enormous day bed, soaking up the sun and welcoming guests while we scramble around blending and tasting new teas.

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