Rooibos Tea

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Rooibos, which is Afrikaans for 'red bush', comes from the amazing health boosting plant Aspalathus linearis. Organic Rooibos and Honeybush are becoming wildly popular with health conscience Americans due to their super high antioxidant levels. In its native land, South Africa, it is common to drink organic Rooibos tea with milk and sugar, but is also served 'straight up' as Rooibos is naturally sweet. The fine grade Rooibos that we use here at California Tea House consists of almost all leafs, no stems, which creates a more flavorful and healthy cup.

Like black tea, organic Rooibos tea pairs well with preserved fruit, flowers and spices, and since Rooibos is naturally sweet, we like to create unique dessert tea blends with our organic Rooibos tea. There’s nothing like drinking your dessert after a nice dinner, knowing you’re aiding in digestion, boosting your immune system and enjoying flavors as good or better than the most decadent of desserts. You can get all this in a caffeine free magical tea called Rooibos! If this is your first time to buy organic Rooibos tea you should try our Rooibos tea flight.