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California Tea House is a family owned tea store where you can find some of the world’s best loose leaf tea and organic herbal tea blends. Our roots started in the local California farmer’s markets where our exclusive tea collection of estate loose teas and delicious dessert tea blends became so popular that we decided to take our business venture online so everyone can have an opportunity to try our tea. We still only use mini-drums to create our small batch blends so you receive the finest quality and freshest ingredients in every cup. We know once you try the California Tea House difference you will know you have found the Ultimate Tea Experience.

Like a fine wine, there's just no comparison between fine loose leaf tea and common broken-leaf tea bags. Will and Ani, the founders of California Tea House, want to share with you their tea collection of the finest organic teas and custom loose leaf tea blends from the most sought after tea estates in the world. We also want to introduce tea lovers to the amazing, untouched world of local, California-grown, organic herbal teas. Available nowhere else, California Tea House will open your tea mind and body to the taste of flora and spice in our very own California blends.

We have a personal love for and belief in the warmth and health enriching powers of a good cup of tea. We invite you to ‘sip into something comfortable’, complete that perfect day and enrich both body and soul as we become your neighborhood tea house.


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    How to Find the Right Tea for You:
    "An awesome online tea house"

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    Modern Tea Party:
    "What to drink: California Tea House"

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    "Lime in the Coconut loose green tea has little flakes of coconut and is toseed with lime juice to give it that amazing fragrance."

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    A Tea to Take Off that Winter Chill:

    "This tea will instantly warm your body to the point that, while you may not strip down on the spot, you certainly won’t object if someone else does it for you!"

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    A Great Local Brew:

    "For those who seek a tastier and healthier lifestyle, tea is an essential part of the diet. Now, thanks to California Tea House, sipping this goodness has gotten better."

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    Healthy Tea, Tips and Recipes:

    "Ani Bailey, founder of, tells us why we should be drinking tea every day. The tea expert also shares her secret for making the best cup of tea and a few tea-rrific recipes."

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    Some Tea with Your Yoga?:

    "Ani knows her stuff! Just last night I brewed up a cup of the Lemon Meringue Pie and not only did it satisfy my post dinner sweet craving, but it left me feeling soothed and relaxed."

“I just wanted to say that after tasting your loose leaf teas for the first time, I'm hooked. Your teas are absolutely delicious. I've already purchased 3 different kinds and can't wait to try more!”

Kim Hodgson – North Bend, OR