Black Tea

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Organic Black tea is the most fermented, or oxidized, of all teas giving it fuller flavor, color and caffeine. Loose leaf Organic Black tea is typically made from the Camellia sinensis and the larger leafed Camellia sinesis 'Assamica' tea plants. In China and Japan black tea is known as "crimson tea" (hóngchá); probably a more accurate description of the actual tea color which is even used in some garment dyes due to its natural red appearance. The name black tea is more appropriate for the color of the oxidized leaves prior to brewing.

Organic Black tea pairs well with fruits and spices, and therefore is a perfect candidate for some of our delicious custom tea blends such as Mango Preserves and a twist on the classic black tea from England, Vanilla Crème Earl Grey. If this is your first time to buy organic black tea you should try our black tea flight.