Herbal Tea

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The actual word tea describes a beverage created from seeping the leafs of the Camellia sinensis plant and its varieties in hot or boiling water. After centuries of its use as a recreational, religious and medical drink, the art and practice of using leaves to flavor and enhance water has been dedicated to this method regardless of the form and types of plant species that are used including organic herbal tea. In modern society, the use of herbs such as lavender, mint, Rosemary, Rooibos, Honeybush, Sage, Chamomile, other herbs, fruits and/or spices heated to flavor and enhance water has become known as organic herbal teas. California Tea House tries to use organic herbal tea ingredients which require growers to follow strict guidelines of seeding, environmental, soil, fertilizer, solar, irrigation, harvesting, storing and even trading practices. These strict guidelines ensure that our herbal teas not only are brought to you with the finest ingredients and care, but also that growth and production of these herbal teas have been sensitive to the environment and take measures to ensure it is enjoyed for generations to come.