My Favorite New Tea Toy!

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I can never seem to escape Williams-Sonoma without a bag full of something. At $11 I came out of there relatively unscathed.

Here's my new toy:

New Williams-Sonoma Toy

I own a standard mesh tea ball steeper. It gets the job done.

But this...She is a thing of beauty!

Valentine's Day Tea

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apricot chai

If you're looking for a unique gift for Valentine's Day for a special person or even something to add some fun to your Valentine's Day date... We have a couple of romantic teas that are perfect for Valentines Day! Why go with the same old chocolates in a box routine when you can give chocolate tea!?

Painting with Hibiscus Tea

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painting with tea

Tea is many a splendored thing! It's not just for drinking, or putting in your plants - what about tea painting? A lot of teas have amazing color, especially when they've steeped for a long time and are highly concentrated. Ever since I first tried it in Mexico last March, as it is a staple tea there, I've liked Hibiscus tea, but for more than just its taste. It makes the most beautiful, alluring, deep, blood red pigment. When I first noticed this I immediately wanted to stain everything with it, and played around with drips on a paper napkin. That being said, I've also dripped it on my pants by accident and that, too, was stained. So it's very powerful. The image to the right is what it looks like steeped for 20 minutes or so.

The perfect tea mug

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I've tried different tea cups, but they all seem too delicate for me. I like tea that I can breathe in as I drink it. I want to feel the steam rising off the hot liquid and accost my senses even before I take my first sip. I want to look over the rim of my cup and watch the world stop and wait while I have my tea.
That's a lot to ask for in a cup.
At a Cracker Barrel somewhere off I-95, I discovered it. My perfect cup. An extra-large, fat-handled mug emblazoned with a classic Corn Flakes box image. A mug I can happily stick my nose into and breathe in all the aromas and steam as I drink.

A New Teaware Culture?

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green cup and teapot teawareHave you gone to a tea room lately? Of the many that I've been to or researched, they are all either English or Asian style. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that... but is this how you enjoy your tea? Do you always have your tea in a china cup and saucer... or from an Asian pot in a tea bowl? Or... do you have a favorite mug? I have many pots and many cups, mostly without saucers and many mugs (I use a mug in the mornings)... I tend to marry pots I like with cups and creamer/sugar sets that don't match the pot perfectly, to make my own tea sets.


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tea memories

For my "maiden post" I thought I would tell you a bit about how I got here. I got my love for tea and all things tea from my mom. She, of course, gave me my first tea set... It was a child's set made of China, with beautiful yellow roses and gold trim. Tea parties were among the few girlie things I did as a child. I have two older brothers and was a bit (understatement) of a tom boy. I still have some of the pieces from my childhood sets, but most were broken... I retain the pieces like fragments of those memories.

Painting with Tea

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Imagine a piece of art painted with tea. That's what Dara Gold from Toronto, Canada did and her imagination goes beyond that creating amazing pieces of art.

giraffe panting with teaWhile sipping a cup of tea and staring at her sketchbook thinking how to make her new method of a mark, it dawned upon Dara to try it using a left over tea bag....

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Father's Day Tea Flight

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Just in time for Father's Day!

Say, "Thank you Dad!" with a tea flight made just for Dad. Skip the tie and scotch. This year give Dad a healthy, delicious gift of gourmet loose leaf tea. The Father's Day Tea Flight includes:

- Gunpowder green tea which helps prevent cancer, lowers cholesterol levels and promotes weight loss.

- Golden Monkey Paw black tea, one of Will's favorite black teas with a smooth malty taste. Black tea reduces stress and the signs of aging.

Teapots of Tomorrow

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The story of the teapots creation is nothing more than a convoluted mystery. Author Chou Kao-ch’I said that potters from outside of Shanghai became famous for teapots in the early sixteenth century. These were described as boccarro from the small, individual, yet large mouthed Portuguese pots....

Give to Operation Smile!

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October is National Dental Hygiene Month, which got us thinking about our White Tea...

Studies show that drinking white tea daily promotes a healthy smile and fights gum disease,

not to mention tastes delicious and helps fight cancer as well!

Tea Flights!

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Check out the California Tea House all new Tea Flights!

We had several requests for sampler packages.... Ask and ye shall receive! Not only that, we are introducing them with huge savings, up to $16 off! This is for a limited time only...

3 Green Tea Flight