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The Most Expensive Chinese Teas

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Some teas have the right to shock you with their price.

Why is Teavana closing?

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About one month ago Starbucks announced they are closing Teavana tea shops – all 379 of them. Many tea drinkers missed the news, and couldn't help wondering what happened. Why is Teavana closing?

The Best Teaware on the Web

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Whether you're new to tea or a long-time tea drinker, we've rounded up the best sites on the web to get you started with your teawre shopping.

Scents of the Alhambra

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It's hard to avoid trying some of the teas in Granada, Spain with names like Scents of the Alhambra.
If you're ever in Wayne, PA, make sure to stop by and check out the English tea shop A Taste of Britain.