Blooming Tea

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You may have seen blooming tea and flowering tea in the news, at parties or even in the movie Marie Antoinette as they are quickly catching on as the latest craze. Super fine tea and floral ingredients are crafted and tied into a beautiful tea bundle that blooms into a gorgeous display right before your eyes during steeping. It’s hard to imagine the control and bouquet that these tea artists can create with blooming teas. Make sure to use a large, clear pitcher for steeping so you can enjoy the beauty of blooming tea along with this very healthy white tea.

California Tea House has an exciting collection of blooming teas, also known as tea flowers or flowering teas, that we are always adding to. Our current list all use our fine Silver Needle white tea as the base tea structure and bundles into a beautiful blooming flower with tedious craftsman precision. If you haven't seen or tried a blooming tea before, it's a must.