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Tea Cuts Down Risks of Cardiovascular Diseases

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The last two blog posts have discussed the studies focusing on the health benefits of tea in the body. The findings from these ventures were published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and for this blog post, we'll talk about how tea helps in cutting down risks of cardiovascular diseases.

black teaTea has long been believed to keep the heart healthy. In a recent study conducted by Dr. Claudio Ferri from the University of L'Aquila in Italy, it has been found that black tea helped trim down blood pressure in patients with hypertension.

Tenderize Meat With Tea

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tenderize meat with teaIn the previous article, we've discussed how smoking meat with tea could bring our excellent and diverse flavors. To add up to the topic, we'll talk on getting tender meat cuts that simply melts in the mouth using of course, no other than tea - specifically black tea.

The best thing about this procedure is that it is easy to follow and is very doable. Just prepare your loose leaf black tea and we're all set to go.


Tea Bath for a Beautiful, Refreshed Skin

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tea bath for beautiful skinHas your skin been through a lot that it now appears to always seek attention? It's because stress can create several effects on a person. It not only affects the mind and the body but also the skin. Most common signs of stressed skin are dryness, fine lines and redness. When at least one of these appears, do not wait any further for the condition to worsen. Pamper your skin with a natural tea bath and see it revived and refreshed.

Tone Down That Oily Face With Tea Toner

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natural tea oil tonerWant to know how to stop oily skin naturally? Try an organic tea oil toner!

It is everybody's wish to go out looking clean and cool. But unfortunately, that isn't always the case. Due to several factors such as genetics, environment and stress, there are always those people who'd suffer more of oily skin and extreme shine - which of course, says goodbye to that fresh look.

To resolve the issue, people have been trying out different oil control products. But know that not all cosmetic items are compatible for your skin type. That's why it is recommended to go for natural and all organic - try using tea for your oily skin issues.

green tea helps protect skin from sun damageMost people worldwide patronize tea for its health benefits. To add up to the long list, a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition has found that green tea catechins could help protect the human skin from UV damage.

The research involved sixteen health human subjects, who orally took 540mg of green tea catechins (low-dose GTC) which is equivalent to around 2 cups of green tea; along with 50mg of Vitamin C daily for 12 weeks.

Coffee Leaf Tea - A Unique Brew

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Coffee leaf teaBoth tea and coffee have been the world's second most favorite drink after to water. Most tea and coffee enthusiasts can hardly choose which among these two drinks is better, but now to perhaps settle this dilemma, a coffee leaf tea has been discovered.

The researchers of this so-called "coffee leaf tea" - the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, London and the Joint Research Unit for Crop Diversity, Adaptation and Development in Montpellier made a rare tea out of coffee leaves and claims that this is healthier than both drinks.

Tea Tokens Rewards Program

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It's time to introduce our new Tea Tokens rewards program!alt

We wanted a way to reward our repeat customers and fellow tea lovers so we added Tea Tokens. Every time you make a purchase you will automatically earn Tea Tokens that you can redeem for free tea on our Redeem Tea Tokens page! What is required to register? Nothing! Just do what you're already doing, enjoy your tea and earn tea freebies!...

Free Shipping!

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This Free Shipping thing is no joke... We decided we were going to offer free shipping before we really even knew what we were getting into. But... we started it.. so we are going to continue it! We hope you enjoy!


Welcome to the Tea House!

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We want to send you a warm welcome to your new neighborhood tea house!

We have found a nice following of tea lovers at the California Farmer's Markets and we've talked for a long time about opening up our tea collection to a wider audience and here we are... I know we are biased, as we should, but we know you will find our selection of imported estate teas, organic, herbal and over-the-top, custom blended teas to be the best you've ever had. Many of our customers have found the passion for tea through us and we hope to share that passion with many more of you out there.

There will be more to come soon, and here is our commitment to you: we will bring you the best flavors, finest grade tea, at the best prices and as the only online tea shop with FREE SHIPPING, we really are 'just around the corner.'