Scents of the Alhambra

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For many of us, food triggers an equal sensation and stimulation in the brain (memories and emotions), as it does in the mouth (think taste bud party). It's this sensation that companies like Dove chocolates, for example, use in adverts to exploit our determination to stick to that New Year's Resolution. (Remember those?). But more specifically, remember this? Dove Moments. One google search alerted me to this: "Chocolate won't let you down. Love, Dove".

spanish tea

Painting with Hibiscus Tea

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painting with tea

Tea is many a splendored thing! It's not just for drinking, or putting in your plants - what about tea painting? A lot of teas have amazing color, especially when they've steeped for a long time and are highly concentrated. Ever since I first tried it in Mexico last March, as it is a staple tea there, I've liked Hibiscus tea, but for more than just its taste. It makes the most beautiful, alluring, deep, blood red pigment. When I first noticed this I immediately wanted to stain everything with it, and played around with drips on a paper napkin. That being said, I've also dripped it on my pants by accident and that, too, was stained. So it's very powerful. The image to the right is what it looks like steeped for 20 minutes or so.

Tea Puns and Poetry

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tea humorI read this joke today: What is the tea leaf's favorite form of literature? Poetea.

I was quiet, unchanged, laughless. It is a terrible joke, after all, and i was inspired to form this gem (and source of undue pride): Who is the tea leaf's favorite poet? Tea S. Eliot.

My first addition to the tiny world of tea humor spurred a hunt for classic T.S. Eliot verse concerning tea or tea leaves or cups, any semblance of tea culture in the influential work one of the most important English-language poets. I came to a few lines near the end of "Hysteria." The image Eliot presents is an elderly server spreading a cloth over a rusting green table.

Tales From The Teacup

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Long before globalization was a popular term and conference calls connected continents, arduous trade routes were responsible for spreading product and cultural traditions from one people to the next. Fragrant teas and spices traveled across oceans and lands spawning new customs in new worlds. Along with aromas, flavors and health impacts of teas also came rituals such as the reading of tea leaves, or tasseomancy. Tasse comes from the French word for tea and the Greek suffix, mancy, indicates the Greek word for divination.

A fun parlor activity between close friends and family, or a more serious event hosted by a seer of sorts, reading tea leaves is a way to enjoy your tea even after you've enjoyed it. Before you begin, you will need a teacup, a saucer and plenty of loose-leaf tea...simply choose a flavor you love!

Tea Photo Competition Winners!

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Tea Cup Photo Competition

Our wonderful panel of judges have picked their favorite tea photos from our Spill It Tea Forum and the $100 tea gift certificate winners are:

1) $100 Most Original Tea Cup winner:

tea bag tea cup Cup O' Tea Bags by ElfRenee

Introducing the California Tea House Tea Cup Photo Competition

It's time to get creative!

It's fun, it's simple and there's $300 in free tea gift certificates at stake. The rules are simple; visit our Spill It Forum and post your tea cup photo in the Tea Cup Photo Competition forum. The photos will be judged by an amazing panel of guest judges (see below) on a basis of 3 categories. A $100 gift certificate to California Tea House will be given away for the photo with the most votes in each of three categories.

Here are the 3 tea cup photo categories:

japanese tea pots

It is truly universal that for any place in the United States, to be cool and fancy is to be having a decent coffee shop. And café here is more about coffee; it’s also about mouth-watering dessert and hot tea.

I am now sitting in a café in the little Midwest town, a place, however, still called as Iowa City and thinking about how to start my story about tea rituals in different cultures worldwide. Within the whole morning I have spent here, I saw at least 10 people ordering tea, which were served with tea pots and tiny cups accompanied by saucers...

Painting with Tea

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Imagine a piece of art painted with tea. That's what Dara Gold from Toronto, Canada did and her imagination goes beyond that creating amazing pieces of art.

giraffe panting with teaWhile sipping a cup of tea and staring at her sketchbook thinking how to make her new method of a mark, it dawned upon Dara to try it using a left over tea bag....