Renee Lasater – Memphis, TN

Did you know there are many grades of tea quality offered by online tea shops? Not all loose leaf tea is made the same. Many online tea shops offer second class loose leaf tea, blooming tea and even teas with dangerous pesticides at a premium price without disclosing what grade of tea you are buying. Why pay top dollar for sub-par loose leaf tea?

At California Tea House we not only carry the best loose leaf tea available in the world, but through ongoing taste tests we have carefully picked through the finest teas to bring to you what we consider the cream of the crop in our exclusive, USDA certified organic, loose leaf tea collection. It is through this careful selection and personal touch customer service that we have become known as the best online tea shop.

California Tea House uses only the highest grade, hand selected loose leaf tea, organic green tea and blooming teas from the finest tea estates around the globe. Our fine tea collection includes USDA certified organic Darjeeling tea from India, Big Red Robe oolong tea and award winning Organic Silver Needle white tea from China. We also have our own custom dessert inspired Rooibos tea blends from South Africa and fine organic herbal teas from California.

We are particularly proud of our herbal tea blends which are grown at small, family owned and operated organic herbal farms in California where attention to quality, care and detail are held as the number one priority. These local organic herb farms are also the source of our preserved fruit, nuts, herbs and flowers that we use to blend up our unique loose leaf tea blends. These California grown herbal teas aren’t available at any other online tea shop. Buy white tea and buy the best loose leaf tea with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.