Why Choose Organic Tea

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Tea is an all-around healthy beverage, everyone knows that. Whether getting your tea fix from your neighborhood grocery store or in a specialty tea shop like California Tea House, it’s still the better option over sodas and powdered juices. But if we’re talking about drinking tea for health anyway, we might as well buy organic. Sure, non-organic, off-the-shelf teas are still healthy in comparison to sodas and powdered juices… But the health benefits of tea is washed out in the non-organic variation.

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Children's Tea Party Tips

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CHILDREN'S TEA PARTYThrowing a children's tea party isn't just about fun and playtime. This is in fact, one of the best ways to introduce healthy tea drinking to kids. So if you are planning to give your child a bash or if you're up for a simple bonding time, then why not go for a tea party?

Gone were the days when a children's tea party is all about plastic tea cups and stuffed toys. With your guidance, you can make this experience a happy reality for the kids. Here are some simple tips to make sure the fun never spoils:

  1. Set the time and venue. Like any other events, setting the 'where' and the 'when' is the first step. With this in place, planning the flow becomes easier.

Hawaian Garden Party Tea

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Flower Show Tea 2012

Here in Southeastern Pennsylvania, the Philadelphia International Flower Show’s one of the big social events of the year and the largest harbinger of spring. This year’s theme was Hawaiian. Think leis, orchids, and hibiscus. Also think many judging categories and the crowds befitting the largest indoor exhibition in the world. So, when my husband and I discovered that the Pa Horticultural Society was offering a garden tea in a converted conference room away from the bustle of the crowds, we leaped.

When the weather outside is frightful...

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... then tea and scones are absolutely delightful!

Raise your cups to an act of winter whimsy: the tea party. In attendance were two children (at heart) and two teddy bears. In the oven, a batch of maple-cinnamon scones. In our cups, well, tea of course - in fact, thee kinds were consumed over the

cold weather tea party

Tea and Revolution

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Tea Revolution

When you think of your history textbook from high school, you think back on wars, bloodshed, gunpowder... and tea? Tea has been part of revolutionary movements in politics and has caused several wars over the past few centuries.

Despite its relaxing properties, tea has caused some of the largest and most widely studied conflicts in the world.

High Tea

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High TeaWhat is High Tea exactly? Low Tea and High Tea are like small meals, almost like snacks, served with tea. Low tea, which gets its name from being served on a low table, like a garden table or coffee table, would be served somewhere between noon and 5 PM and hence sometimes goes by the name Afternoon Tea. High Tea is typically served around 5 - 6 PM and is a heartier snack, with meats, breads and of course tea. High Tea got it's name from being served on the dining table which was typically the tallest table in the house.

Peace Tea

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When it comes to your health, what's in your cup is a very important topic. The beverages that we take in on a day to day basis really add up and can take from or add to your life in a big way. If you're drinking 60g of sugar sodas, even if it's one a day, you'd better have a pretty good workout schedule or be blessed with a super high metabolism to keep that off your belt line. If you're having more than one soda per day, you are raising your risk of diabetes and heart disease.

On the other hand, enjoying a cup or more of tea a day can extend your life by helping eliminate cancer causing free radicals from your body. Drinking tea can also help promote healthy gums, skin, hair, weight loss.... the list goes on and on.peace tea

How to Host a Modern Tea Party

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In today's busy society, it seems like everyone wants more time with family and friends. And yet for many of us, hosting a dinner or even a lunch is daunting: there's the preparation, the cooking, the cleaning, the dishes -- oh, the dishes!

An afternoon tea can be a quick, painless way to host a get-together. All the host needs to do is brew tea, set out some snacks if desired, and enjoy the company!

tea party illusions

A New Teaware Culture?

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green cup and teapot teawareHave you gone to a tea room lately? Of the many that I've been to or researched, they are all either English or Asian style. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that... but is this how you enjoy your tea? Do you always have your tea in a china cup and saucer... or from an Asian pot in a tea bowl? Or... do you have a favorite mug? I have many pots and many cups, mostly without saucers and many mugs (I use a mug in the mornings)... I tend to marry pots I like with cups and creamer/sugar sets that don't match the pot perfectly, to make my own tea sets.

Teach your friends and family to enjoy tea!

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If your circle of family and friends is anything like mine, you are probably the only tea drinker. And there's nothing wrong with that; but, as those of us who indulge our tea practice regularly know, tea has a way of enriching one's life. It's natural to want to share the benefits once you discover them!

So, how do you encourage your friends and family to enjoy tea without being pushy or alienating them? Simple; enjoy tea with them.

Maximize the experience: make sure you choose a pretty setting for your tea-drinking escapade.