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Rooibos Tea and Caffeine

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If you’re concerned about your caffeine intake but don’t want to quit it altogether, pu-erh is the tea for you. But, if you have issues about caffeine and want it out of your life forever, shop for rooibos tea instead. Why? NEWSFLASH: Rooibos is completely caffeine free. That’s right folks, if you want a completely sinless liquid vice, rooibos is the tea for you. Here's a quick crash course on everything you should know about rooibos-- 

Pu-erh Tea and Caffeine

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Worried about your caffeine intake, but want a strong morning pick-me-up? Though caffeine helps give you a good boost and increase your mental alertness and sharp thinking, it also has various side effects when consumed in large quantities. It could lead to tremors, increased heartbeat, vomiting, diarrhea, sleeping problems, confusion, dizziness, headache and nervousness.

But if you still want yourself some of that caffeine, ditch the coffee and grab pu-erh tea for your morning pick-me-ups instead. Like coffee, pu-erh has a smooth, strong flavor, but with a relatively less amount of caffeine.

Coffee Leaf Tea - A Unique Brew

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Coffee leaf teaBoth tea and coffee have been the world's second most favorite drink after to water. Most tea and coffee enthusiasts can hardly choose which among these two drinks is better, but now to perhaps settle this dilemma, a coffee leaf tea has been discovered.

The researchers of this so-called "coffee leaf tea" - the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, London and the Joint Research Unit for Crop Diversity, Adaptation and Development in Montpellier made a rare tea out of coffee leaves and claims that this is healthier than both drinks.

coffee and tea benefitsI am particularly keen on topics regarding coffee and tea. I am a fan of both, but my curiosity led me to do my own research. In the end, it actually helped me come up with a comprehensive generalization and of course a more favored drink. If you are as curious as I am, or just want to learn bits of information, please read on.

coffee bean and tea leafWe have already begun comparing coffee vs tea on our first short article. Now we will discuss more of the overall feel, the drinking experience and the compostition that makes coffee and tea distinct from each other.

Coffee vs Tea - a Comparison Part I

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coffee vs teaBoth coffee and tea are among the most popular drinks in the world. For all other reasons,  these two have always been favored by people from different countries, different races. Science and research kept on telling us over and over the benefits of each but none could really point out which of the two is say, better.  This will be a series of short articles on comparing coffee vs tea, discussing their origins, composition, health benefits and other useful information that might help us determine which really is the one.

Does Sleepytime Tea Work?

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Find out if Sleepytime tea works.

Golden Monkey Paw - Tea Review

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I love tea... all kinds of tea... but when it comes down to it... black tea is my favorite.

golden monkey pawCalifornia Tea House's Golden Monkey Paw black tea is a gorgeous whole leaf tea...

golden monkey paw black tea

Look at these lovely leaves! Being whole leaf, this tea is full of all those wonderful antioxidents and good things that black tea is known for.

This One's for the Ladies!

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Women have conquered unthinkable odds in the past few decades. We've become multifaceted business moguls, competitive athletes and supermoms who fight for rights and break glass ceilings. With the world at our fingertips, why then can it seem impossible to conquer our own hormones?

Herbal teas and natural herbs found in loose leaf tea blends may provide a basis for balance and promote your well-being. From PMS, through pregnancy and even menopause, you can find a useful tea in each facet of feminine health!

Pre Menstrual Syndrome: PMS

Tea for Me - Part One

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Will I miss coffee? And why am I drinking tea these days?
As a new blooger for California Tea House, I have to admit I am a Tea Novice. But as the saying goes, "Great journeys all begin with the first step." and this is my first step. About the only thing I can really say at this point is that I've been drinking ordinary, grocery store variety, green tea daily for the last eight months. After many years of being a solid coffee drinker, sometimes even 3-4 cups a day, this has been an unexpected run. I've surprised myself that after three months of tea drinking

Health benefits from caffeinated tea

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End of semesters can be very difficult, you have to say goodbye to new friends, colleagues, and thoughtful professors. Yesterday was my last day at my internship, where I was able to work with Chinese scholars and students. It was a wonderful experience not only to improve my resume, but I was also able to learn so much about a culture different from mine.

I was very accustomed to running out to the student bookstore and grabbing a large 60-cent pop, but the faint delicious smells from my co-workers cubicles drove me to ditch my soda habit and explore the world of tea. Initially, teatime was a great way to start a conversation, but it persisted into more, and changed my life for the healthier.

The Caffeine Equation.

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Sometimes, I just need it. Caffeine.Without it, at times, I’m fearfully rendered a cranky monster or a walking zombie; it’s not a pretty picture

As an addict in the first phase (I will eagerly admit it)—I’ve put together a guide to tea’s best adrenalin suppliers to de-crank anyone. Caffeine-addicts unite! (I know, I’ve got to work on that slogan…)

Puffy Eye Remedy

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Looking for a way to relieve puffy eyes after a night of little to no sleep?tea for puffy eyes

Luckily, your used tea bags can help sooth and reduce under eye bags and dark circles.

Use a loose leaf tea pouch to brew your tea. After making your tea, take the moist tea bag and let it cool. Once the tea bag becomes cold, let the bag rest on your eyes for ten to fifteen minutes, then discard.

Tea for College Students

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Ask any college student what they drink to stay awake and you’re likely to hear either “favorite energy drink – it wakes me up instantly,” or “coffee - it tastes good and keeps me up,” or sometimes, “any caffeine-loaded drink I can find that will keep me awake long enough to finish this assignment.”

Being a college student, I can understand the need for caffeine, especially when working on a long paper the night before it’s due. Caffeine is an essential for early morning classes or a quick pick-me-up after a long night working on homework that was forgotten until the absolute last minute.

Birthday wishes for a runner, an extra boost

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I recently turned 23, I know, I’m still very young (or at least I hope that’s what you’re thinking). Yet still, no matter the age, birthdays always get me thinking about the past and what I want to happen in the future, before the next tick mark, 24. And as so, I’ve created a system, perhaps stolen from another, 23 things to do before 24.

It’s a list I put heavy thought into, much differently than my usual daily to-do jots. Among this year’s list: learn more about tea, become proficient in Spanish (as I’m moving to Spain next fall), keep studying Chinese, maintain target weight, run a marathon.

How tea can save you from stressful midterms

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tea can reduce stress during testsMidterms are, once again, upon many college students across the nation and while many are grabbing coffee and energy drinks to keep them focused all through the night, I’m personally reaching for tea.

Now some of you may wonder how tea can even COMPARE to a product such as Five-Hour Energy when students are looking for that extra boost. While tea is not filled with the same caffeine that students think they are looking for, it IS filled with many values that energy drinks, soda, and coffee can’t even compare to.

Tea and the Gym Enthusiast

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It is widely known that there are many health benefits to drinking tea which aids a wide variety of audience, even workout buffs. Below are the top three reasons why gym enthusiasts should drink tea:

tea and yoga1. Tea leads to a healthy heart. Dieting and exercise are the main ways to combat heart disease. Research has suggested that tea drinking is associated with improved cardiovascular health....

Green Tea vs. Black Tea: Which is Better?

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When the camelia sinensis plant gave birth, she produced a similar yet very distinctive set of quadruplets: green, white, oolong and black. The siblings that shine the most are the oldest and the and black. As the youngest, black tea has for many generations been the spoiled, all American favorite especially in southern households as it is welcomed with every meal, iced. Green tea, although it chose to go backpacking around the world and thus developed a finer sense of appreciation, has far lived in the shadow of its youngest sibling at home...

What's fabulous about LA is that you can wake up in the morning, have your breakfast, and decide to spend yourhard earned day offat the beach... in no time. This past weekend we ventured out to sunny Malibu for our third stair-climb, gaining one step closer to conquering our Mount Whitney feat. Continuing our exercising with tea adventures, our featured tea of choice was Silver Needle white tea, no sweetener, chilled.castellammare_beach_stairs

Tea and Exercise

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On their own, both tea and exercise have many benefits to one's health. But did you know that there are identical and specific results from tea drinking and physical exertion? And by drinking tea—as opposed to just plain water—during exercise, these results can be doubled?! Take a look at the list below of the similar effects tea and exercise can have on your mental and physical health, and start using tea as your beverage of choice during your cardio or strength workout routines!

• Increases metabolic rate
• Increases endurance
• Boosts mental alertness
• Boosts immune system
• Lowers cortisol, the stress hormone
• Improves cardiovascular health