White Tea

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Organic White tea, a specialty of the Chinese province Fujian, is from the young, untreated and delicate loose leaf white tea leaf from the common tea shrub Camellia sinensis as well as a number of other tea cultivars such as 'Da Bai', 'Xiao Bai', 'Narcissus' and 'Chaicha'. The best organic white tea sometimes contains buds along with the leaves which are known to have lower caffeine levels than older or fermented leaves. These tea buds, like in our award winning Silver Needle and Organic White Peony tea, are what give the organic white tea its smooth, pure character.

You don’t want to steep white tea too long. Its mild flavor may make you want to push the steep time, but white tea is meant to be soft and smooth. If this is your first time to buy white tea, the best way to learn the varieties and range of flavor is to try our White Tea Flight.