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How to Make Iced Tea from Loose Leaf

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Loose leaf tea isn’t a very popular option among people because, well, tea bags are just a lot more convenient aren’t they? But for tea lovers like you and me, there’s no other choice out there but loose leaf. It’s fresher, it has higher quality, and it just tastes better. You get more of the tea’s antioxidants from this form too!

Rooibos Tea and Caffeine

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If you’re concerned about your caffeine intake but don’t want to quit it altogether, pu-erh is the tea for you. But, if you have issues about caffeine and want it out of your life forever, shop for rooibos tea instead. Why? NEWSFLASH: Rooibos is completely caffeine free. That’s right folks, if you want a completely sinless liquid vice, rooibos is the tea for you. Here's a quick crash course on everything you should know about rooibos-- 

Four-Bucks: Gingerbread Latte

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Gingerbread Latte Recipe

I LOVE a good Chai Tea Latte. What I don't enjoy is paying FOUR BUCKS for it at my favorite coffee house, like the Starbucks gingerbread latte!

I recently acquired an absolutely glorious gingerbread chai tea from California Tea House. Here's my own recipe for turning the Gingerbread Chai into a gingerbread latte.The same recipe works hot in an insulated travel cup: just skip the ice.


Cool and Delicious Apricot Chai Milkshake

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As I sit typing this blog post, it is 114 degrees Fahrenheit outside my front door. Needless to say, it is hot and, with most of the United States experiencing high temperatures as well, it may just be time to find a tea related remedy for this problem. I have a solution from in the form of an easy to make Apricot Chai Tea Milkshake recipe that only takes about 10 minutes to prepare.

chai tea milkshake

What you'll need:

Sinless Strawberry Palmer

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This is a delicious and unique ice tea that I made recently when I found my self with a lot of extra strawberries! If you prefer a little more "Sin", add a splash of rum.Sinless Strawberry Palmer Tea Recipe


1/2 c. Domino Light Stevia Blend. If you're using sugar, use a full cup, if you use honey, 3/4 cup. I don't recommend using pure Stevia for this drink.

4 Lemons

Pondering Polar Pekoe?

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Iced tea is too pure and natural a creation not to have been invented as soon as tea, ice, and hot weather crossed paths.” ~John Egerton

Most of us are familiar with at least some of the benefits of tea. It’s delicious; it’s high in antioxidants, and a great way to calm the mind and spirit. It’s soothing on a cold winter’s night, and as Richard Blechynden learned many years ago in Saint Louis, refreshing on a summer day.

What to do with leftover tea?

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I'm guilty of often over-estimating and over-brewing how much tea I really want to drink when I steep it in a pot. Sometimes I'll brew a whole pot and think that I will want to drink it all, only to drink a cup and not want anymore. I hate wasting things, and so I've tried to be more careful about how much I might realistically drink and what to do with left over tea.

Brewing Loose Leaf Tea with Bodem

Tips on Introducing Your Friends to Tea

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arly enjoying green teaNot many of my friends drink tea. I think it must be a generational thing - we were brought up to eat cereal in the morning and dash out the door. Who has time for tea? Well, to help introduce your friends to the world of healthy and delicious tea, there are a few things I have learned to do.

1) Fun Coffee Shop Options: When you and your friend are in a Starbuck's (or Peet's, etc), have them try a hot Chai Tea Latte. This is a personal favorite of mine, especially on a cold day, because it's so warm and spicy. On a hot day, Green Tea Frappuccinos (AKA Freddos), or Iced Green Tea Lemonades are extremely refreshing, and lighter than an iced coffee. Even though these beverages aren't very healthy, at least your friend will get a taste of the delicious potentials of tea.

Sun tea fun tea

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Sun tea picture

Ah, late summer. Back to school sales and labor day weekend plans. Everyone tries to fit in the warm weather activities they have somehow neglected over the past few months. But there is still time to squeeze in a few more barbecues, ball games, and iced cold beverages such as...sun tea! Yes, summer provides days with the most hours of sunlight and therefore the most opportunities to brew your favorite tea utilizing those UV rays.

Easy Thai Iced Tea Recipe

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I can remember the first time I had Thai iced tea. I was at a little mom and pop Thai place and was feeling like some tea. I went ahead and ordered a large iced tea figuring it would just be black tea with a bit of sweetener in it. When they brought it out, the first thing I thought was, easy Thai iced tea recipe"This is huge!" because they had served me an Octoberfest stein of tea. (For those unfamiliar with Octoberfest, they have very big mugs.) The second thing I noticed was that the tea had some sort of creme or milk in it because the tea was a light brown instead of the usual black. I decided I was paying for it, so I may as well give it a try, and it was amazing. I have gone back to that Thai place just because I wanted the Thai iced tea.

If you haven't tried Thai iced tea you're in luck. I have a recipe to share, and it's easy to make!

Warmer Weather Brings Back Old Traditions

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There are the obvious signs winter is over — snow melts, sunset after 6 p.m., and baseball season starts.

But here is what makes me think of the warmer seasons:
Open toed sandals,
Late night talks on the balcony,
Nature walks,
And switching from warm beverages, to cold ones.

My roommate is a big fan of sun tea, and since it’s her first year on her own, we were initially skeptical of her brewing abilities.

Bourbon Slush Tea Cocktail Recipe

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While flying to Las Vegas for a friend's bachelorette party, I was page-turning Southwest airline's magazine called "Spirit" when I happened upon a most interesting tea alcoholic drink. With its main ingredient being tea, naturally I was eager to try this on our trip and figured it would do the ladies a lot of good to loosen up the right way while tanning at the Hard Rock poolside.

European Apricot Tea Recipe

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Cinnamon, cloves and apricot spice is a triangle defense invented for a cold winter's day, but can taste even better on a hot Summer day. Although this European style tea is great hot, it is all the more better chilled. The ice-and-spicy elements for this sun tea will take you for a stroll down the cobblestone streets and land you a seat at a patio of a European cafe on a hot summer day. apricot tea

Cold Brewed Tea for those hot summer days!

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The summer can become unbearable for tea drinkers. The hot heat makes it difficult to sip on a cuppa hot tea for some people. Many resort to iced tea. I have seen many iced tea recipes in the past, and have been an advocate of steeping hot and pouring over ice, until I found this recipe from a twitter friend! Cold brewing tea in a refridgerator is what they suggested. At first, I was unsure if it would even work, worrying over whether the tea would steep a bitter cuppa. Here is the recipe if you are interested!

Bee's Tea - Honey Tea Recipe

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Sun Brewed or Sun kissed tea's magic is that it allows room for creativity. With honey rather than sugar in mind, this recipe is tailored for a busy bee's palate. Be sure to keep the garden bees away while it steeps! honey tea recipe


5 heaping tablespoons of loose leaf Rooibos tisane (Gingerbread Chai)

Juice of one lemon Lemon slices (save a few for garnish)

1/4 cup of honey, diluted with an equal part of hot water

1 gallon filtered water

Large glass pitcher


Pour all the ingredients in the glass pitcher and stir continuously. Place lid on top and position pitcher directly in hot sunlight for 8 hours or so. Pour into glasses containing ice. Add a lemon wedge on top and enjoy!

Fresh Mint Tea Recipe - Sun Tea

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Mint is a refreshing ingredient to any drink on a melting hot day. In the category of superfoods, mint is a superstar. For centuries now, mint is known for multiple ailments: nausea, headache, acne, digestion, skincare, asthma, fresh breath and so on. It also grows bountifully in a garden patch all year long. Combine this verdant herb with black tea and you have yourself a summer power drink. mint tea recipe

Sun Tea - How to brew tea in the Sun

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I have a confession to make. Prior to meeting my southern husband, I have never heard of Sun Tea before. When he found this out, he had the most quizzical expression on his face as if he saw something in my teeth and couldn't decide whether to laugh or cringe.

brew sun teaAnd so I got the lecture. "Sun Tea", he proclaimed, "is part of what bonds children with their mothers, is what makes childhood memories everlasting, it's what no child should ever be deprived of, otherwise its a childhood not worth having..." OK, maybe I am exaggerating the lecture a little bit. Wink

Electric Honeydew Tea Recipe - Summer Cocktail

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These days, non-tea-drinkers categorize our fun loving group into two stereotypes: the zen and serene / the pretentious (and possibly British). I'm sure the health-conscious are thrown somewhere into the mix. ThisElectric Honeydew Tea Cocktail weekend, I vow to throw those preconceived notions to the wind and let lose with a high in tea, low in calorie, summer cocktail. The days are warm and the nights are long, what better time than now? Move over Long Island Ice Tea, there's an electrifying new antioxidant-rich drink on the block. Enjoy...

Fruit Tea Recipe - Summer Tea 3

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fruit tea recipeHere is a fantastic "dessert in a cup" recipe with our favorite tisane, Fruity Dream. This drink is also the best way to maintain your hard earned figure for the summer without sacrificing taste.

Ingredients (per serving):

1. One heaping tablespoon of Fruity Dream herbal tisane

2. One teaspoon of honey

3. One cup boiled filtered water

4. Ice, cubed or crushed

5. Whipping cream

Combine tea and honey in a teapot. Add filtered water, just below boiling temperature and steep for 4 minutes. Stir until honey dissolves. Strain brewed tea mixture over ice in a blender. Blend to your desired thickness. Serve with whipping cream on top or a grapefruit slice garnish to really live it up.

Orange Mint Iced Tea Recipe - Summer Tea 1

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Where would we be in the deadly summer heat without a tall glass of iced tea? This next series will explore the various methods of cooling off with some creative ways of utilizing tea. The first entry was actually inspired by a billboard I noticed while driving around town. It was an ad from McDonald's introducing their newest beverage: sweet iced tea. This prompted me to share with ya'll my Texan mother-in-law's amazing sweet tea recipe that she serves with every meal called Orange Mint Iced mint tea

Blueberry Peony Iced Tea Recipe - Summer Tea 2

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blueberry tea

Ice cream is one of the best and worst coolants of summer. Best because it tastes sooo good and worst because its sooo bad for you. Here's a delicious tisane recipe that's packed with healthy components like anti-oxidants and tannins that serves as a simply fantastic dessert substitute for a scorching hot day:

Tea Time to Chill

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For as comforting as tea is, these days I've been prioritizing refreshment even more. Enter: iced tea. Although research has shown that 20% of teas boastful antioxidants are lost when cooled, the quintessential lemon slice delays the reduction, giving me enough time to enjoy all the benefits of tea time. No wonder over 80% of the tea served in the United States today is iced.