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Tea Journey - Israeli Tea

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If you're a regular reader of this tea blog, the past month's posts have taken you to Spain, Hawaii, Britain, and my grandparents' dining room table. Next up: Israel.

israeli tea

I spent several months living and traveling in Israel last year. and I came home hooked on Middle Eastern favorites like just-baked pita, falafel (deep-fried balls of mashed chickpeas, usually served
with hummus), and halvah (a melt-in-your-mouth sesame candy). But if there's one thing that can transport me to that foreign place in the blink of an eye, it's the tea that I drank almost daily: Rooibos with cinnamon and vanilla.

Easter Tea

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I really enjoy mornings like this. I'm having a cup of Easter weekend tea, Peach Tree Oolong, and thinking about some great Easter memories of old times that in so many ways I wish had never left.Easter Tea

Scents of the Alhambra

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For many of us, food triggers an equal sensation and stimulation in the brain (memories and emotions), as it does in the mouth (think taste bud party). It's this sensation that companies like Dove chocolates, for example, use in adverts to exploit our determination to stick to that New Year's Resolution. (Remember those?). But more specifically, remember this? Dove Moments. One google search alerted me to this: "Chocolate won't let you down. Love, Dove".

spanish tea

How to get Pregnant

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tips for getting pregnant

Want to learn how to get pregnant? That might sound like a silly question, but if you're trying unsuccessfully, it's a very serious and emotional question. As a new mom, I am constantly reading about motherhood and child care and I recently came across a great study about the relationship of tea and pregnancy that I want to share with you. If you're looking for tips on getting pregnant, this could be the big one:

Hawaian Garden Party Tea

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Flower Show Tea 2012

Here in Southeastern Pennsylvania, the Philadelphia International Flower Show’s one of the big social events of the year and the largest harbinger of spring. This year’s theme was Hawaiian. Think leis, orchids, and hibiscus. Also think many judging categories and the crowds befitting the largest indoor exhibition in the world. So, when my husband and I discovered that the Pa Horticultural Society was offering a garden tea in a converted conference room away from the bustle of the crowds, we leaped.

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