One of our customers wrote Ani to let her know that they save their used loose leaf tea leaves and use them as odor eaters for the refrigerator and shoes. I don't know about putting tea leaves in my shoes, even though I'm sure Ani would love me to, but for the refrigerator is a great idea!

tea air freshenerApparently, it doesn't matter what type of tea, but this individual claims green tea works best.

What to do with old tea bags?

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4 Other Uses for Tea

If you're like me, you've only recently made the switch from teabags to loose leaf. And, if you're really like me, you still have some tea bags left.

Following my upgrade to loose leaf tea, I can no longer enjoy anything less than fresh-brewed tea and so I've researched a couple of alternative uses for my leftover bags of dried tea. At this rate, I should finish up the stash by the wintertime ;) enjoy:

European Apricot Tea Recipe

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Cinnamon, cloves and apricot spice is a triangle defense invented for a cold winter's day, but can taste even better on a hot Summer day. Although this European style tea is great hot, it is all the more better chilled. The ice-and-spicy elements for this sun tea will take you for a stroll down the cobblestone streets and land you a seat at a patio of a European cafe on a hot summer day. apricot tea

How to Make Tea Popsicles

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Want ice cream but can't handle the calories? Tempted for a frozen yogurt but could do without the sugar? Feel healthy and refreshed with a non-fat, yet delicious dessert: tea popsicles! The secret to making tea popsicles is to simply double the ingredients. Here's how:

Ingredients:tea popsicle

Cold Brewed Tea for those hot summer days!

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The summer can become unbearable for tea drinkers. The hot heat makes it difficult to sip on a cuppa hot tea for some people. Many resort to iced tea. I have seen many iced tea recipes in the past, and have been an advocate of steeping hot and pouring over ice, until I found this recipe from a twitter friend! Cold brewing tea in a refridgerator is what they suggested. At first, I was unsure if it would even work, worrying over whether the tea would steep a bitter cuppa. Here is the recipe if you are interested!

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