All teas aren't made the same. Like lovers, some are bitter, some are sweet. Some are mild, some are strong. Some keep you awake, while others make you sleep. Okay, for that last bit, I hope your lover doesn't make you sleep!

Because all teas vary, their steep times vary too. So how do you know how how long to steep tea, on what temperature, and just how much to put in a cup? Well, we've made it easy for you with this ultimate guide to brewing the perfect cup of tea infographic!

Pin it, tweet it, share it with your friends, heck -- you can even print it out and put it on your kitchen!



3 Tea Quotes to Kickstart your Week!

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Word from the wise: If you want to start your week right, start it with a good cup of tea. Why? Because tea isn't just a beverage, it's a way of life -- as illustrated by these 3 quotes from famous tea drinkers. Hope these words inspire you as you enjoy your morning cuppa!



Celebrities Drinking Tea

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For the second installment of Celebrities Drinking Tea, we have young Al Pacino, young Michael Caine, the King of Rock, and more! Happy Sunday!


Celebrities Drinking Tea

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There’s something very intimate and human about seeing someone relaxing with a cuppa in hand. Especially when it’s a photo of a celebrity doing so. It reminds us that apart from the glitz and glamour typically associated with their lives, they are as human as you and me. Which is why we love posting photos of celebrities enjoying their tea on our social media feed. From the Beatles to Taylor Swift… When we find it, we’ll post it! So this week, we decided to bring the fun of “Celebrities Drinking Tea” to our blog! Every week, we’ll post five of our top picks from our Instagram feed.

Why Choose Organic Tea

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Tea is an all-around healthy beverage, everyone knows that. Whether getting your tea fix from your neighborhood grocery store or in a specialty tea shop like California Tea House, it’s still the better option over sodas and powdered juices. But if we’re talking about drinking tea for health anyway, we might as well buy organic. Sure, non-organic, off-the-shelf teas are still healthy in comparison to sodas and powdered juices… But the health benefits of tea is washed out in the non-organic variation.

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