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3, 2, 1---and the mountain was gone. A ball of mist swirled in a masking envelope. I looked on. This was the power of Huangshan or as English-speakers will better understand, Yellow Mountain.

Yellow Mountain Green Tea

And moments later, as if my murmurs had been heard, a single ray broke the swirl and the creamy jutting spires of stone dazzled. A natural muse, Hunagshan has served as the source of allure for countless traditional ink paintings and thousands of poems (20,000 to be exact, from the Tang to the Qing, 618-1912). Last counted in 2007, 15 million visited, but for more than just that.

Tea and Skin Care: What Variety Works Best?

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Women have used teas to improve their complexions for centuries and beauty consumers of today are no different. Studies have credited tea with a relieving such skin conditions as acne and rosacea, and helping to protect against ultraviolet rays which cause wrinkles and skin cancer. One study actually credits tea with rejuvenating the skin! 1 Currently, there is a vast array of products containing tea on the market ranging from cleansers to creams. Although the tea most commonly associated with skin care is green tea, researchers have found that white, rooibos, oolong and black all offer positive benefits to skin.
White, green, oolong and black tea come from the Camellia sinensis plant, the difference being the length of fermentation. Rooibus tea hails from the Asplathus linearis which native to South Africa . Regardless of the variety or plant of origin, each of these teas contain powerful antioxidents and have been found to be equally beneficial to skin health.2

Make Time for Tea

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We live in high stress environments. With jobs, school, families, social groups, the economy, bills to pay and your health to concentrate on, it's no wonder stress quickly becomes a typical part of the American adult life. Worries are amplified through constant noise from our many TV channels, limitless radio, the unending internet and ringing smartphones. Our days become so rapid that often, if we don't notice it, stress invades our minds and bodies and reeks some serious havoc. I'm beginning to get stressed just thinking about it!

Effects of stress on the body include, but are not limited to:

  • Anger or Anxiety
  • Restlessness or lack of focus
  • Depression or social withdrawal
  • Fatigue or sleep problems
  • Muscle tension
  • Chest pain
  • Headaches
  • Unhealthy eating habits
  • Increased use of alcohol or tobacco

How to select the perfect teapot

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All steps of the tea drinking process should be enjoyed as much as possible. To truly appreciate the process and experience of brewing and pouring tea, a tea aficionado must have an excellent teapot.

But with so many different types of teapots and stores to browse, how is one to choose? Let me be your guide!

First and foremost, realize that in your quest for the perfect teapot, looks are important. Pick a design, style, and color that you will want to look at for the next twenty years.

It's August 16th, already?

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Like Alice in Wonderland, I've felt time disappear like a vacuum sucking up lint balls. This summer, I traveled through the heart of China--to a mystical mountain where green tea grows in its mist, to pandas so cute its difficult to consider them bears, to teahouses where you can sip, sign and forget the existence of watches and time altogether.

Until, that is, you emerge from the rabbit hole, jet lagged, and you see the reality outside the portals of an airport. August 16th, huh?

Stay tuned for the tales. This is a teaser of what's to come.