Perfecting the Hot Toddy

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Hot Toddy Tea

Brrr! It's getting cold here in NJ, and I have been retreating to my fall favorites to keep warm: fires, blankets, mulled cider, and hot toddies! I first experienced a hot toddy as a child when I was sick with a sore throat or when I came in freezing from playing out in the snow. My mom presented me with this, at the time, extremely potent concoction that was overwhelming to sip but definitely took the cold edge off. Since then, I've actually come to enjoy this hot tea recipe in the fall and winter because it warms you from the inside out, and so I have adapted my own versions to my particular tastes.

Tea Time: Morning, noon and nighttime, too

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Coffee's for mornings. Wine's for after 5pm. But any time can be tea time.

The variety of teas -- their origins, aromas and effects on the body and sense -- make tea the most versatile beverage on the planet. As I've mentioned in my previous post, I'm a promiscuous tea drinker -- I try everything once; twice if I like it. So to set each tea apart, I've discovered each tea has its corresponding time of day:

  • For a morning caffeine jolt, I experiment with a variety of black teas for a solid wake-up call.
  • For a non-caffeinated morning reboot, a spicy Rooibos tea does the trick.

Stay Hydrated This Winter!

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If you are like many people, myself included, it's hard to remember to drink enough fluids when you're not hot. Most of us remember that if we're exerting our bodies physically, we need to replenish them with water, tea, or other beverages; but when temperatures drop and we find ourselves shivering our way into work, hydration is not quite so intuitive. The fact is, however, that the white mist you breathe out is actually water vapor: you lose just as much water in the winter as you do during the summer!

Tea Helps Hydrate

What to do with leftover tea?

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I'm guilty of often over-estimating and over-brewing how much tea I really want to drink when I steep it in a pot. Sometimes I'll brew a whole pot and think that I will want to drink it all, only to drink a cup and not want anymore. I hate wasting things, and so I've tried to be more careful about how much I might realistically drink and what to do with left over tea.

Brewing Loose Leaf Tea with Bodem

My Cup of Tea

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For a long time, I thought of myself as a promiscous sort of tea drinker. I'd drink whatever was put in front of me, as long as it was in a nice teacup. Since that's not considered a dangerous type of promiscuity, I never questioned it much.

I suppose the root of that behavior stems from afternoon tea at college. Tea is a tradition at Vassar that's as old as the school itself. Young ladies would arrive to afternoon tea at the parlor in pearls and white gloves to sip tea and engage in modest, sophisticated conversation. Rumor has it that if they didn't have both pearls and gloves, they'd be sent back to their dorm rooms to fetch them. I beleive, at the time, afternoon tea was mandatory, though I could be mistaken. (Ask Jane Fonda. She'd know.)

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