Celebrities Drinking Tea

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This week on Celebrities Drinking Tea:

  • A rock star
  • A comedian
  • A talk show host

Who'd you want to spend high tea with? :)

Entertaining is usually on the agenda for the weekend holiday and keeping yourself and guests well-fed and happy is a top priority. I like to experiment in the kitchen and keep guests pleasantly surprised with new treats I try. I love cold-weather beverages—coffee, tea, cider, hot chocolate—and I always have tea in my kitchen. Tea doesn’t have to be just for drinking—I was inspired to see where else I could make tea an ingredient.

Tea is delicious in baking—especially loose tea. Many of my richer teas—sweet peppermint, full-bodied hazelnut chocolate or cinnamony DepraviTea’s Chai Tea—are perfect to add in loose or brew and gradually add to the batter of scones, cupcakes or cookies. I like to brew about 1/3 of a cup of loose tea and not strain it, and add that in. Then the sweet treat is fully infused with the tea’s flavor.

The Lost High Tea Etiquette

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There’s nothing better than sitting snugly on your bed with a good book and your favorite cup of tea. But it doesn't mean you don't have to know how to drink it the proper way. Like for when the the Queen finally invites you for high tea. Luckily for you, I got you covered. Here's an infographic that could help for that fateful day. Number 2 was a bit of a shock for me!



I wish I knew who to thank for this infographic, but it seems to have originated from Catching Our Lady’s Roses.

Celebrities Drinking Tea

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This week on Celebrities Drinking Tea:

  • A venerable musician
  • A mysterious actor
  • A controversial comedian

Which is which? :)

Taking a Moment to Reflect

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When it's hot or cold, summer or winter, nothing tastes better than a cup of tea. My tastes don't run with the seasons.Right now, it's Zen tips green tea with a muffin and it's 97 out. In the winter, iced tea tastes lovely - but I will agree a hot cup of tea with chai flavored honey is glorious. Tea in all it's very versatile forms it's a great thing, and I appreciate all it has to offer! Coffee can be good, but don't you agree, tea is much better!