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Beauty Benefits of White Tea

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White Tea BenefitsWhite tea may not be as popular as green tea and some other tea flavors but it certainly has inherited most, if not all of the tea health benefits every enthusiast enjoy. Most people might have not known that there's this magic-like benefit one could get by drinking every cup - that it helps keep one feeling young and youthful, plus the bonus of fighting off inflammatory and chronic diseases.

Anti-aging Benefits of White Tea

Improve Your Memory with Green Tea

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Drinking green tea improves memoryIt has been hypothesized that one of the prime health benefits of green tea is its ability to boost brain function and memory. And just recently, Chinese medical researchers have discovered how this works - by conducting a study focusing on green tea ECGC (epigallocatechin-3 gallate).

The Anti-aging Drink - Rooibos Tea

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rooibos tea the anti-aging teaTea has been known worldwide for being a pure goodness in a cup. But did you know that there's this certain tea that helps keep you look and feel young? Rooibos tea (rooibos red tea), is a native in South Africa and known for its strong anti-aging properties, and is patronized by both men and women to keep their skin look young, youthful and vibrant.

Fight Prostate Cancer With Tea

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tea antioxidantsA significant milestone in the field of medicine has been discovered by researchers just recently - that flavonoid compounds (antioxidants found in plant-based food and drinks) are said to have the potential to fight prostate cancer.

But despite this promising finding, it is yet very premature to conclude that flavonoids, as a whole, could fight prostate cancer. Researchers however, have long hypothesized that these antioxidants may potentially reduce risks of certain cancers, given their ability to fight inflammation, oxidation, tumor growth and cell death.

Types of Chinese Green Tea

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types of chinese green teaIt is perhaps safe to say that one of the most famous, if not the most famous tea type is green tea. Aiming to validate the benefits of green tea has been the topic of many scientific endeavors over the past years. But regardless the results, people have continued to patronize green tea for both the purpose of health and pleasure.

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