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How to make the best Genmaicha

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Learn how to make the best Genmaicha while trying our unique Imperial Kyokuro Genmaicha blend

Tea for Dogs?

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tea for dogsIntroducing the first ever tea for dogs, Machu's Blend. An all-natural, herbal tea blend formulated to keep your best friend healthy, happy and lower the stresses that shorten the lifespan of urban dogs. We have a Great Dane named Machu Picchu who has become a bit of a mascot here at California Tea House. Machu spends most of his time laying around on his enormous day bed, soaking up the sun and welcoming guests while we scramble around blending and tasting new teas.

dog tea

Tea Gift Wrapping

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Tea Gift Wrapping

We wanted to offer gift wrapping for awhile, and now it's available just in time for the holidays!

Tea has always made a great gift! Our custom tea blends look as wonderful as they taste which pairs perfectly with our colorful packaging. Gourmet tea is a must around the house during the cold weather holidays to brighten up the party and warm up the guests. California Tea House now offers the option of having your order wrapped beautifully in wicker baskets with colorful stuffing and an elegant, velvet bow to make your tea gifts even more enticing.

Sleek Steep Teapot Review

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Sleek Steep Tea Infuser

Thanks to my good fortune in landing my first magazine job, I received an opportunity to review a truly unique and wonderful piece of tea equipment last week: California Tea House's Sleek Steep Teapot.

Sleek certainly is the word for it: It's a beautiful, elegant piece that matches any dining room or kitchen set. And how about ease of use, you wonder? It's incredibly simple: Add your loose leaf tea, add your water, let it steep for the recommended amount of time, and then the magic happens. Lift the two-cup teapot, place it over your mug or cup, and just lightly press a spot on the underside of the teapot: the tea strains itself right into your mug!

A Blooming Tea made with Black Tea

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Introducing our first blooming tea made with black tea, Black Gold Blooming Tea!black blooming tea

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