Oolong Tea Health Benefits

Oolong Tea Promotes Weight Loss

Physiologist William Rumpler investigated the ancient Chinese belief that oolong tea is effective in controlling body weight.  Rumpler is with ARS' Diet and Human Performance Laboratory (DHPL), one of seven laboratories that make up the Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Center (BHNRC), Beltsville, Maryland.  “Our data suggested that a component of tea other than caffeine might have promoted preferential use of fat as an energy source," says Beverly Clevidence, a study coauthor and head of the DHPL.  http://www.ars.usda.gov/is/AR/archive/sep03/tea0903.htm

In a study published in the August 2003 edition of the Journal of Medical Investigation, scientists from Japan's University of Tokushima School of Medicine found that people who drank two cups a day of oolong experienced over 157% greater fat burning results than those who drank the same amount of green tea.

Oolong Tea Clears Pimples and Creates Healthy Skin

Researchers from Japan's Shiga University of Medical Science found that drinking oolong each day helps to clear up skin problems within one month.  These same researchers reported that patients with a form of eczema improved after drinking a liter of oolong tea daily.
The Department of Dermatology, Shiga University of Medical Science carried out research into its effect on atopic dermatitis and discovered that 64% of sufferers of atopic dermatitis reported an improvement in their skin condition.

Oolong is very effective in delaying the appearance of signs of aging, such as dark spots and wrinkles, by strengthening the effect of copper-zinc-SOD (an enzyme called Superoxide dismutase), which acts favorably within the cutaneous cells of the skin.



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