A Nice Cup of Tea

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california-tea-house-george-orwellSo you want to be an expert in making proper tea the way the Brits do it but you don’t know where to start? Don’t worry because in the land of the Queen, tea brewing has apparently always been a controversial topic of debate.

George Orwell, the man behind the classic novel, "1984" — and the novel that spawned the never ending Big Brother reality shows, actually wrote an essay about getting tea right. He wrote his own eleven golden rules, seven of which are popular, while four of them are rather controversial, as much as tea brewing goes.


Read his essay and his eleven golden rules here: “A Nice Cup of Tea”.




Last month, I talked about great tea-related subreddits. This week, let’s head on to Tumblr for our tea fix. Tumblr is a great place for a good laugh. It’s full of crazy people with crazy ideas on the most mundane things. AND, more importantly, it’s also filled with people who enjoy tea.


I love browsing teastuff on my computer while drinking tea — it’s a huge part of my morning routine. Usually I just sit around and look at my phone, but sometimes when I try to get some work done before finishing my drink, I end up sitting on the computer and browsing through tea porn on it.


Will You Use Tea to Clean Your Home?

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Tea to Clean Your Home?


You’re probably thinking good tea is best drank than used to clean boring old windows and floors. Can’t argue with that!


But when I found out that tea can actually be used to keep your house clean, I couldn’t help but feel a greater reverence for this drink. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving! Somehow, it always fits into our daily lives, even in the most mundane possible way.


What Is A Chai Wallah?

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I took a trip to North India some years ago and I heard the word “wallah” more often than I thought was necessary. "Wallah" sounded like our local word for "nothing", which is "wala" (accent at the end of the word). You can see why it made me curious. I asked a local what it actually meant. All he said was, “wallah” means, ‘someone who does something’.

That was... vague.

But it satiated my curiosity anyway. So much so in fact, that it got me into the habit of using the word whenever I chat up locals. We would always get to the point of the conversation where I have to tell them all the Hindi words I knew. I'd usually say, "wallah wallah". ("Wallah" = nothing in my language. Get it?) Most people would simply smile politely, but one man actually did a rap that included the phrases, “pita wallah”, “chai wallah”, “[insert Hindi word here] wallah”. We all had a good laugh about it.

What Is Pu-Erh?

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california-tea-house-what-is-pu-erh-camellia-sinensisPu-erh or Pu’er tea has become a household name in weight loss and cholesterol control ever since the ubiquitous Dr. Oz named it as one of THE best teas for weight loss. Ever.

Whether this is true or not, one thing we all agree with is how awesome Pu-erh is. Seriously, there’s nothing like a good cup of this awesome dark drink with which to start the morning!

So where does this tea come from?

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