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Marie Antoinette's Blooming Tea

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Blooming tea or flowering tea are absolutely fascinating. It’s a bundle of dried tea leaves wrapped around dried flowers. When steeped, it blooms into a beautiful bouquet at the bottom of your pot or cup. Watching it never ceases to amaze me. It’s like a time lapse of a bud growing into a full blown flower.

Rooibos Tea and Caffeine

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If you’re concerned about your caffeine intake but don’t want to quit it altogether, pu-erh is the tea for you. But, if you have issues about caffeine and want it out of your life forever, shop for rooibos tea instead. Why? NEWSFLASH: Rooibos is completely caffeine free. That’s right folks, if you want a completely sinless liquid vice, rooibos is the tea for you. Here's a quick crash course on everything you should know about rooibos-- 

Quality Teas that Improve Your Health

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Have you ever wondered why a lot of people love waking up to a nicely prepared tea in the mornings — during winters and even on a hot summer day?


We all know tea is a wonderful natural beverage with a ton of health benefits. But it’s just so awesome in the mornings because tea works like coffee. All teas have caffeine and thiamine, elements that improve alertness. Who wouldn’t want such a nutrition-packed morning pick-me-upper?


Pu-erh Tea and Caffeine

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Worried about your caffeine intake, but want a strong morning pick-me-up? Though caffeine helps give you a good boost and increase your mental alertness and sharp thinking, it also has various side effects when consumed in large quantities. It could lead to tremors, increased heartbeat, vomiting, diarrhea, sleeping problems, confusion, dizziness, headache and nervousness.

But if you still want yourself some of that caffeine, ditch the coffee and grab pu-erh tea for your morning pick-me-ups instead. Like coffee, pu-erh has a smooth, strong flavor, but with a relatively less amount of caffeine.

Can Tea be Good for Dogs?

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It may seem strange, but tea for dogs is not unheard of and can actually have a number of health benefits. Once you’ve done the proper research and have ensured that your dog has no allergies, there’s nothing wrong with letting him or her benefit from the effects of tea. It can be administered using a syringe or straight into your pet's bowl if they have no issues with drinking it themselves.

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