Who drank the first cup of tea?

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Behind every great passion is a story. The story of tea dates back nearly 5,000 years ago. The Chinese Emperor, Shennong, who was also know as the Emperor of 5 Grains taught the Ancient Chinese people all about the practices of agriculture, which advanced their culture and revolutionized the way they ate. His teachings were to let people learn how to cultivate and grow grain for food, which in turn would avoid killing as many animals as they had in the past....

Green Tea and La Loma Steps of Pasadena

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We were pretty excited to try the next set of our Los Angeles 'Stair Walks' after having a lot of fun on the Los Feliz steps last weekend. Today was round two of our stair climbing - tea drinking - prepare for Mount Whitney series. This time we chose the La Loma steps of Pasadena.

Teapots of Tomorrow

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The story of the teapots creation is nothing more than a convoluted mystery. Author Chou Kao-ch’I said that potters from outside of Shanghai became famous for teapots in the early sixteenth century. These were described as boccarro from the small, individual, yet large mouthed Portuguese pots....

Basics to Healthy Living

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Follow this quick guide to living a healthy and balanced life:

  • Have 1500-1600 calories per day based on physical activity

  • Have 300-500 calories each for breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • Have up to 200 calories each for 2 snacks per day

  • Find only 50-100 calories to cut per day if weight loss is the goal

Oolong Tea and Glendower Steps of Los Feliz

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Ani and I believe in a healthy balanced lifestyle. We work out multiple times a week, eat naturally low-fat and low-sugar foods and of course drink our daily tea!

I've noticed a lot of popularity with caffeine and working out lately. This caffeine popularity got me researching caffeine medical studies and apparently drinking caffeine while working out increases endurance and allows you to 'go the extra mile' during your routine.....

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