Tea and Exercise

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On their own, both tea and exercise have many benefits to one's health. But did you know that there are identical and specific results from tea drinking and physical exertion? And by drinking tea—as opposed to just plain water—during exercise, these results can be doubled?! Take a look at the list below of the similar effects tea and exercise can have on your mental and physical health, and start using tea as your beverage of choice during your cardio or strength workout routines!

•    Increases metabolic rate
•    Increases endurance
•    Boosts mental alertness
•    Boosts immune system
•    Lowers cortisol, the stress hormone
•    Improves cardiovascular health

Father's Day Tea Flight

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Just in time for Father's Day!

Say, "Thank you Dad!" with a tea flight made just for Dad. Skip the tie and scotch. This year give Dad a healthy, delicious gift of gourmet loose leaf tea. The Father's Day Tea Flight includes:

- Gunpowder green tea which helps prevent cancer, lowers cholesterol levels and promotes weight loss.

- Golden Monkey Paw black tea, one of Will's favorite black teas with a smooth malty taste. Black tea reduces stress and the signs of aging.

Beauty Benefits of Green Tea

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Green tea is packed with both health and beauty benefits. These benefits can be reaped by drinking the tea or applying it directly to the skin. The green tea extract is naturally chock full of antioxidants which helps the body fight free radicals, thus resulting in younger looking skin.

A lot of makeup, lotions, and creams now use green tea extract. However, you don’t need to rush to the department store just yet. Many products can be made at home. Try this recipe:

"Green Tea Toner"

•    Steep green tea in purified water
•    Let cool, and transfer to a spray bottle
•    Either spray directly onto skin or soak a cotton ball and wipe over skin

This is a great toner for the skin!

Tea Tokens Rewards Program

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It's time to introduce our new Tea Tokens rewards program!alt

We wanted a way to reward our repeat customers and fellow tea lovers so we added Tea Tokens. Every time you make a purchase you will automatically earn Tea Tokens that you can redeem for free tea on our Redeem Tea Tokens page! What is required to register? Nothing! Just do what you're already doing, enjoy your tea and earn tea freebies!...

Rooibos Tea and Pregnancy

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Great news for pregnant women!

One of the Debbie Downers of pregnancy is the "black list" of foods that your doctor forbids. Even though this list includes hard-to-part favorites like sushi and caffeine, what's comforting to know is that some types of tea survive the pregnant pause.
Rooibos, a South African red bush, is commonly referred to as 'tea' even though it does not spawn from the camilia sinensis plant where green, black, white and Oolong tea originate.

Lemon Meringue Pie Rooibos TeaRooibos, however, stands on its own.

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