Orange Mint Iced Tea Recipe - Summer Tea 1

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Where would we be in the deadly summer heat without a tall glass of iced tea? This next series will explore the various methods of cooling off with some creative ways of utilizing tea. The first entry was actually inspired by a billboard I noticed while driving around town. It was an ad from McDonald's introducing their newest beverage: sweet iced tea. This prompted me to share with ya'll my Texan mother-in-law's amazing sweet tea recipe that she serves with every meal called Orange Mint Iced mint tea

Blueberry Peony Iced Tea Recipe - Summer Tea 2

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blueberry tea

Ice cream is one of the best and worst coolants of summer. Best because it tastes sooo good and worst because its sooo bad for you. Here's a delicious tisane recipe that's packed with healthy components like anti-oxidants and tannins that serves as a simply fantastic dessert substitute for a scorching hot day:

How to Store and Age Pu-erh Tea

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Pu-erh tea, which is typically made from either raw green or ‘cooked’ large leaf tea, is only tea type whose processing and storing involves maturation or aging. Even though most Pu-erh teas are made from green tea, Pu-erh is typically classified as a black tea or in a category all its own due to the color and the fact that it has more oxidation time than most green teas.

puerh tea cakePu-erh tea leaves are many times pressed into ‘cakes’ and wrapped in paper to help with storage and aging...

What's fabulous about LA is that you can wake up in the morning, have your breakfast, and decide to spend yourhard earned day offat the beach... in no time. This past weekend we ventured out to sunny Malibu for our third stair-climb, gaining one step closer to conquering our Mount Whitney feat. Continuing our exercising with tea adventures, our featured tea of choice was Silver Needle white tea, no sweetener, chilled.castellammare_beach_stairs

Tea Time to Chill

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For as comforting as tea is, these days I've been prioritizing refreshment even more. Enter: iced tea. Although research has shown that 20% of teas boastful antioxidants are lost when cooled, the quintessential lemon slice delays the reduction, giving me enough time to enjoy all the benefits of tea time. No wonder over 80% of the tea served in the United States today is iced.