Bee's Tea - Honey Tea Recipe

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Sun Brewed or Sun kissed tea's magic is that it allows room for creativity. With honey rather than sugar in mind, this recipe is tailored for a busy bee's palate. Be sure to keep the garden bees away while it steeps! honey tea recipe


5 heaping tablespoons of loose leaf Rooibos tisane (Gingerbread Chai)

Juice of one lemon Lemon slices (save a few for garnish)

1/4 cup of honey, diluted with an equal part of hot water

1 gallon filtered water

Large glass pitcher 


Pour all the ingredients in the glass pitcher and stir continuously. Place lid on top and position pitcher directly in hot sunlight for 8 hours or so. Pour into glasses containing ice. Add a lemon wedge on top and enjoy!

Avoid Kidney Stones with Rooibos Tea

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For people who already have kidney stones or kidney stones run in their family and they want to avoid ever getting them, here is some food for thought. The most common types of kidney stones are calcium and oxalate. Some tea is considered to be an "oxalate-containing" beverage. However, not all teas contain the same amount of oxalate levels, and some tisane teas may even help combat the formation of kidney stones if drank regularly.

Fresh Mint Tea Recipe - Sun Tea

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Mint is a refreshing ingredient to any drink on a melting hot day. In the category of superfoods, mint is a superstar. For centuries now, mint is known for multiple ailments: nausea, headache, acne, digestion, skincare, asthma, fresh breath and so on. It also grows bountifully in a garden patch all year long. Combine this verdant herb with black tea and you have yourself a summer power drink. mint tea recipe

Taste the Magic of Oooo-La- Oolong Tea!

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Here is the first of the CTH Cartoon TEAzers! Will uses the alluring powers of Big Red Robe Oolong to attract Ani's attention. Enjoy!


Sun Tea - How to brew tea in the Sun

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I have a confession to make. Prior to meeting my southern husband, I have never heard of Sun Tea before. When he found this out, he had the most quizzical expression on his face as if he saw something in my teeth and couldn't decide whether to laugh or cringe.

brew sun teaAnd so I got the lecture. "Sun Tea", he proclaimed, "is part of what bonds children with their mothers, is what makes childhood memories everlasting, it's what no child should ever be deprived of, otherwise its a childhood not worth having..." OK, maybe I am exaggerating the lecture a little bit. Wink

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