Curing Green Olives with Tea

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olive_harvestIn the center of our front yard hovers a multi-trunked matured olive tree. The olives began to drop in the early part of fall which gave me the impression that the tree only produced green olives. Being a Kalamata and a Colossal Black Olives advocate, it was much to my delightful surprise when I researched the matter and found out that black olives are borne from green ones.

With the winter chill quickly approaching, my tea intake has increased dramatically. I prefer a delicate green in the morning, a comforting oolong in the afternoon, and a calming herbal in the eveCuisinart Perfect Temp Kettlening. With all this tea-making, I've also became incredibly aware of the skill needed for it's practice. Quality tea and clean water can create the perfect pot of tea, right? 

Green Tea vs. Black Tea: Which is Better?

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When the camelia sinensis plant gave birth, she produced a similar yet very distinctive set of quadruplets: green, white, oolong and black. The siblings that shine the most are the oldest and the and black. As the youngest, black tea has for many generations been the spoiled, all American favorite especially in southern households as it is welcomed with every meal, iced. Green tea, although it chose to go backpacking around the world and thus developed a finer sense of appreciation, has far lived in the shadow of its youngest sibling at home...

Groupon Welcome

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Welcome to California Tea House

We are a family owned and operated specialty, loose leaf tea store with a collection of estate grown teas from all over the world. We also have very popular, custom blended teas mixed with a variety of preserved fruit, herbs, spices and flower petals. Enjoy!

Bourbon Slush Tea Cocktail Recipe

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While flying to Las Vegas for a friend's bachelorette party, I was page-turning Southwest airline's magazine called "Spirit" when I happened upon a most interesting tea alcoholic drink. With its main ingredient being tea, naturally I was eager to try this on our trip and figured it would do the ladies a lot of good to loosen up the right way while tanning at the Hard Rock poolside.

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