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I decided I wanted to start with something that sounded a bit easy so I don't get discouraged too soon. I also wanted a combination that was not too heavy for dinner. A soup and salad seemed to fit the bill. Lapsang Tea Salad

Lapsang Souchong Tea and Parsnip Soup: Serves 4

Cooking with Tea: Intro

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culinary tea cookbookOver the holidays I watched Julie & Julia. Even though I normally don't like chic-flicks I must say that I became totally inspired by the concept! I decided to challenge myself by combining my own two passions: tea and cooking. By blogging along the way, I can guarantee my commitment to this new endeavor.

First let me delve into why these two are my passions. I truly fell in love with tea while I was studying in Spain during college and came across the Moorish tea rooms called Teterias in southern Granada...

Non-Dairy Milk in Tea

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milk in teaSome people love milk in their tea, and if you can't have or don't like dairy products, there are actually a lot of choices when it comes to adding 'milk' to tea. After trying many different types of milk with different teas, these are our findings: Black teas and Rooibos pair very well with almond milk. Black teas and Rooibos typically have a straight forward (simple) taste structure that can handle, and even sometimes need, the addition of outside flavors.

Chai Tea

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What is 'Chai' tea?

Painting with Tea

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Imagine a piece of art painted with tea. That's what Dara Gold from Toronto, Canada did and her imagination goes beyond that creating amazing pieces of art.

giraffe panting with teaWhile sipping a cup of tea and staring at her sketchbook thinking how to make her new method of a mark, it dawned upon Dara to try it using a left over tea bag....

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