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It is truly universal that for any place in the United States, to be cool and fancy is to be having a decent coffee shop. And café here is more about coffee; it’s also about mouth-watering dessert and hot tea.

I am now sitting in a café in the little Midwest town, a place, however, still called as Iowa City and thinking about how to start my story about tea rituals in different cultures worldwide. Within the whole morning I have spent here, I saw at least 10 people ordering tea, which were served with tea pots and tiny cups accompanied by saucers...

Are tea imports from Japan safe?

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Consumers of Japanese goods around the world are responding to the tragic tsunami and subsequent nuclear crisis in Japan with fears of radiation contamination. Should tea enthusiasts be worried as well?

According to the New York Times, the Food and Drug Administration in America has banned all dairy products and produce from the area of Japan where a damaged nuclear reactor is leaking radiation. Other products, such as seafood, will not be banned, but will be tested for any trace of radioactive iodine.

Fruits in Tea Syrup Using Earl Grey Simple Syrup

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Ingredients: Serves 8

1/2 cup Earl Grey Simple Syrup or other tea infused simple syrTea Syrupup

6 cups mixed fresh fruit cut into cubes or rounds

Mint sprigs for garnish


Green Beer and Green Tea!

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green beer green teaIt's that time again... Saint Patrick's Day is almost here.  To help you get your party ready for the day that celebrates anything and everything green, we are offering our green tea collection to you at 35% off for a limited time only! 

Use coupon code: LUCKYGREEN  to get an extra 35% off all green tea and as always - FREE SHIPPING!

expires: 3/17/2011

Have a safe and fun Saint Patty's Day!!

Salmon in Black Tea Coconut Sauce

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Here is my second attempt for a main course from the book Culinary Tea which introduces innovative styles of cooking with tea.

Ingredients: Serves 6

Curry Tea Spice

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