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The Qingming effect

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It was actually by accident that I discovered Qingming's other significant role--it's mark on tea prices.

Who knew?

I was planning my holiday escape from Zhengzhou, Henan, when I decided to research its roots of reverly. With 5,000 years of existence, Chinese history and traditions can easily get confusing.Qingming Effect

Warmer Weather Brings Back Old Traditions

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There are the obvious signs winter is over — snow melts, sunset after 6 p.m., and baseball season starts.

But here is what makes me think of the warmer seasons:
Open toed sandals,
Late night talks on the balcony,
Nature walks,
And switching from warm beverages, to cold ones.

My roommate is a big fan of sun tea, and since it’s her first year on her own, we were initially skeptical of her brewing abilities.

Chinese Tea Regions

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What is the most confusing place for people to make a choice? It is probably the supermarket. As a tea-savvy, the most time-consuming aisle for me in the supermarket is the beverage. There are a whole bunch of almost the same-size boxes lying on the shelf and usually they can be categorized by different standards. They can be divided into Green, Black and Herbal. They can be categorized by organic and non-organic. People can even choose them according to those emotional adjustment functions, which I never believe so, such as calm, passion or refresh. Or trying to pick out what you need by this so typical American way, caffeine or caffeine-free.

Capture precious moments in nature during your child's tea party.Almost every person has heard of a children's tea party. The most famous tea party of them all belongs to a girl named Alice and her band of colorful friends. And many of us may even remember a tea party or two that holds a special place in our childhood memories.

Finding Tea Through China

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If this were a confessional, I'd admit it. Before 2008, I wouldn't, couldn't belong here. Why? Did I hate tea? Did I scorn the substance? No, but I didn't drink it.

Tea entered my life only a few days after my passport was inked with three red initials: P.R.C, or as the official moniker goes, the People's Republic of China.

It wasn't that I hadn't tasted tea. Sure, my parents drank English Breakfast tea daily. It was just as essential for their morning routine as the act of waking up, or rather that was just it; they weren't awake before they had it. But I had skipped directly from orange juice to coal-dark coffee from the start of college and hadn't looked back.

Then in the sum

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