How to Properly Store Loose Leaf Tea

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tea storage foil bagsThink it's a good idea to keep your fine loose leaf tea sitting on top of your stove or near a window exposed to sunlight? Not if you want to make it last long enough to enjoy through next winter. If tea is properly stored, it can potentially last up to a year for green, oolong and black teas. White tea lasts about six months before it isn't as good in quality as when fresher. Stale tea will taste flat, as if you are sipping liquid cardboard. Here are the do's and don'ts of properly storing loose leaf tea:

In tea central, what to buy?

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In the history of tea, it’s a long one. And as for its birthplace in Yunnan, China, I couldn’t think of a more idyllic one.

As I posted earlier, I recently visited tea’s historic roots, both physical and mythical, in Yunnan. A unique province, for sure, Yunnan is tea central for any tea buyer, casual drinker or coinsurers. And as for the traveler, it’s a prized gift-buying paradise—tea—something people back home will actually use.

How tea can save you from stressful midterms

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tea can reduce stress during testsMidterms are, once again, upon many college students across the nation and while many are grabbing coffee and energy drinks to keep them focused all through the night, I’m personally reaching for tea.

Now some of you may wonder how tea can even COMPARE to a product such as Five-Hour Energy when students are looking for that extra boost. While tea is not filled with the same caffeine that students think they are looking for, it IS filled with many values that energy drinks, soda, and coffee can’t even compare to.

China's Trail to Tea

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Old Tea Horse RoadI've always wanted to visit Yunnan, China's southern-most province. A place named for its clouds, but more notably known for its immense mountains, it's easy to like. And as you learn by living in China, you become the envy of any Chinese national just by spending a day there.

China's Tea Traditions Live On

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China: A land of history and intrigue where many inventions still around today were discovered and created. One such find was the tea leaf. Tea remains a very popular drink in Asia and the tea culture in China thrives in this modern day and age.

The tea houses of China represent an aspect of Chinese culture that has resisted the headlong rush into modernism most countries have succumbed to. Even now, one can go to a tea house and watch tea being prepared the traditional way right before their eyes, just like it has been for hundreds of years.

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