World Tea Production Declines Drive Up Prices

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Japanese tea setThe state of the global economy could be compared to a roller-coaster. Because:

  • there are a lot of unexpected twists and turns that you can never really prepare for,
  • sometimes there is even the mind-boggling loop-de-loop that leaves you suspended,
  • and then there’s always that shocking drop where all you can do is hold on for dear life.

More recently, one of the frequent passengers of this economic rollercoaster has been the tea industry and it’s consumers.

Tea Culture in China

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Chinese Tea KettleIn China, there are seven daily necessities: firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and, yes, you guessed it, tea! The tea culture in China is a vital part of Chinese history and its culture. China’s tea culture differs from that of other countries such as America or even Europe.

I’ve seen your avid tea drinkers—you know, the ones who routinely set up shop in cafés like Starbucks and gulp their tea while typing on their laptops.

Puffy Eye Remedy

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Looking for a way to relieve puffy eyes after a night of little to no sleep?tea for puffy eyes

Luckily, your used tea bags can help sooth and reduce under eye bags and dark circles.

Use a loose leaf tea pouch to brew your tea. After making your tea, take the moist tea bag and let it cool. Once the tea bag becomes cold, let the bag rest on your eyes for ten to fifteen minutes, then discard.

Tea for College Students

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Ask any college student what they drink to stay awake and you’re likely to hear either “favorite energy drink – it wakes me up instantly,” or “coffee - it tastes good and keeps me up,” or sometimes, “any caffeine-loaded drink I can find that will keep me awake long enough to finish this assignment.”

Being a college student, I can understand the need for caffeine, especially when working on a long paper the night before it’s due. Caffeine is an essential for early morning classes or a quick pick-me-up after a long night working on homework that was forgotten until the absolute last minute.

Birthday wishes for a runner, an extra boost

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I recently turned 23, I know, I’m still very young (or at least I hope that’s what you’re thinking). Yet still, no matter the age, birthdays always get me thinking about the past and what I want to happen in the future, before the next tick mark, 24. And as so, I’ve created a system, perhaps stolen from another, 23 things to do before 24.

It’s a list I put heavy thought into, much differently than my usual daily to-do jots. Among this year’s list: learn more about tea, become proficient in Spanish (as I’m moving to Spain next fall), keep studying Chinese, maintain target weight, run a marathon.

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