Bargaining for tea in Shanghai

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As the tea puffed its warning steam, the host of the teahouse urged me to drink up. I was in the Old Town of Shanghai and after market hunting and bargaining I needed a good wake up. Tea.

Old Town is a reminder, albeit kitschy, of the bustling financial city’s older glamour and simpler times. Dragons decorate ornate black and white buildings, red lanterns populate the area like tourists and truly nothing is more relaxing to escape the preying hawkers than to sit for a spell and watch some tea seep.

So, after the requested gift of Jasmine, I asked, what is the best?

A Blooming Tea made with Black Tea

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Introducing our first blooming tea made with black tea, Black Gold Blooming Tea!black blooming tea

Met Your Matcha

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Matcha is a type of green tea used mainly in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies; pale green with a nice, if weak smell. I heard the taste is bitter, but strangely plesent. As a lover of all sorts of green tea, I've always wanted to try it, so imagine my joy when I found it at the local grocery store I shop at. Having run out of black tea and dried cranberries earlier in the week, I decided to go shopping earlier than unsual. I could live without black tea by drinking the remaining green tes, but I needed the cranberries.

AS I browsed the tea aisle, I passed the green and flavored teas to look for standard black tea, when I looked up on the top shelf and ta-da! There it was in all its very expensive glory. $30 for tea is far more than any college student could afford, and I still needed my cranberries. I poked around and eventually found a matcha and green tea blend that fit within my budget. I took it home and proceeded to make a cup of tea.

Easy Thai Iced Tea Recipe

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I can remember the first time I had Thai iced tea. I was at a little mom and pop Thai place and was feeling like some tea. I went ahead and ordered a large iced tea figuring it would just be black tea with a bit of sweetener in it. When they brought it out, the first thing I thought was, easy Thai iced tea recipe"This is huge!" because they had served me an Octoberfest stein of tea. (For those unfamiliar with Octoberfest, they have very big mugs.) The second thing I noticed was that the tea had some sort of creme or milk in it because the tea was a light brown instead of the usual black. I decided I was paying for it, so I may as well give it a try, and it was amazing. I have gone back to that Thai place just because I wanted the Thai iced tea.

If you haven't tried Thai iced tea you're in luck. I have a recipe to share, and it's easy to make!

Green Tea is Great for Your Skin!

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As a fair skinned woman, I'm constantly having to check the weather before I go outside to make sure I don't end up sunburned by the end of the day.

I think it is very important to take care of one's skin because this is the only skin that you'll have for your life, why not make it the begreen tea skin productsst and most beautiful you can!

In addition to my routine of washing my face and applying SPF moisturizer and make-up, I've been searching around for other tricks that will help my glow.

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