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Tea for Me - Part One

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Will I miss coffee? And why am I drinking tea these days?
As a new blooger for California Tea House, I have to admit I am a Tea Novice. But as the saying goes, "Great journeys all begin with the first step." and this is my first step. About the only thing I can really say at this point is that I've been drinking ordinary, grocery store variety, green tea daily for the last eight months. After many years of being a solid coffee drinker, sometimes even 3-4 cups a day, this has been an unexpected run. I've surprised myself that after three months of tea drinking

Coffee used to be part of my morning ritual. For more than 20 years, I would wake each day, drag myself to the coffee maker and put it on to brew. Before rushing out the door, I'd mix it with a big splash of cream and a couple of spoonfuls of sugar and off I'd go to face the day. Sure, coffee gave me enough of a jolt that I could launch myself off to my job as a teacher, but the crash and jitters inevitably followed a few hours later. Soon after, I would find myself becoming impatient and cranky with my students and colleagues, and anyone else who had the misfortune to be around me. Not to mention, I'd feel lousy and tired for the rest of the day.

There had to be a better way.

A moment of zen with a cup of tea

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Do you want to lower your blood pressure, decrease feelings of anger and frustration, improve concentration, and boost confidence? Simple! proclaims the Mayo Clinic. Just relax.

Of course in our busy and chaotic society, this is often easier said than done. Relaxation gets just another slot on the to-do list and it's an easy task to skip since its neglect causes problems only for you, not for your employer, spouse, or kids.

But if you're reading this, you enjoy tea. So, how can you use your daily ritual of drinking tea to infuse your life with a little relaxation?

Tea Photo Competition Winners!

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Tea Cup Photo Competition

Our wonderful panel of judges have picked their favorite tea photos from our Spill It Tea Forum and the $100 tea gift certificate winners are:

1) $100 Most Original Tea Cup winner:

tea bag tea cup Cup O' Tea Bags by ElfRenee

Health benefits from caffeinated tea

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End of semesters can be very difficult, you have to say goodbye to new friends, colleagues, and thoughtful professors. Yesterday was my last day at my internship, where I was able to work with Chinese scholars and students. It was a wonderful experience not only to improve my resume, but I was also able to learn so much about a culture different from mine.

I was very accustomed to running out to the student bookstore and grabbing a large 60-cent pop, but the faint delicious smells from my co-workers cubicles drove me to ditch my soda habit and explore the world of tea. Initially, teatime was a great way to start a conversation, but it persisted into more, and changed my life for the healthier.

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