Bergawhat? Discover Bergamot Oil

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Earl Grey is in my top five teas. On some days, it even earns the number one spot. Part of what makes this tea variety a popular favorite is its distinct flavor and aroma. What is the source of this noticeable bite? A scan of the ingredients will reveal the culprit…bergamot oil. Oh, bergamot oil, of course! Wait, what's a bergamot and why is it oily? My acquired taste for this curious tea additive demanded that I find out. I'll skip the other obvious question surrounding this tea, which is why it’s called Earl Grey. In short, a British politico named Charles Grey liked the particular blend so much that it was named after him.bergamot oil

Black Tea Could Cure Your Post-Workout Aches!

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Anyone who knows me would describe me as a gym rat. Other than a good cup of tea, there's nothing I love more at the end of a long day of work than hitting the weight room floor.

cure soreness with tea

But all of my workouts leave me with one negative side effect: soreness.

I'm sure you are familiar with it: the day after hitting a new personal record in deadlifts or your first 10-mile run, you're sore. This soreness, known as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) can persist for days and, in severe cases, can even interfere with day-to-day life.

This One's for the Ladies!

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Women have conquered unthinkable odds in the past few decades. We've become multifaceted business moguls, competitive athletes and supermoms who fight for rights and break glass ceilings. With the world at our fingertips, why then can it seem impossible to conquer our own hormones?

Herbal teas and natural herbs found in loose leaf tea blends may provide a basis for balance and promote your well-being. From PMS, through pregnancy and even menopause, you can find a useful tea in each facet of feminine health!

Pre Menstrual Syndrome: PMS

Where to buy Gluten Free Tea

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California Tea House is the place to buy gluten free tea online.

1st Stop - Yellow Mountain for Green Tea

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3, 2, 1---and the mountain was gone. A ball of mist swirled in a masking envelope. I looked on. This was the power of Huangshan or as English-speakers will better understand, Yellow Mountain.

Yellow Mountain Green Tea

And moments later, as if my murmurs had been heard, a single ray broke the swirl and the creamy jutting spires of stone dazzled. A natural muse, Hunagshan has served as the source of allure for countless traditional ink paintings and thousands of poems (20,000 to be exact, from the Tang to the Qing, 618-1912). Last counted in 2007, 15 million visited, but for more than just that.

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