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Tales From The Teacup

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Long before globalization was a popular term and conference calls connected continents, arduous trade routes were responsible for spreading product and cultural traditions from one people to the next. Fragrant teas and spices traveled across oceans and lands spawning new customs in new worlds. Along with aromas, flavors and health impacts of teas also came rituals such as the reading of tea leaves, or tasseomancy. Tasse comes from the French word for tea and the Greek suffix, mancy, indicates the Greek word for divination.

A fun parlor activity between close friends and family, or a more serious event hosted by a seer of sorts, reading tea leaves is a way to enjoy your tea even after you've enjoyed it. Before you begin, you will need a teacup, a saucer and plenty of loose-leaf tea...simply choose a flavor you love!

Sun tea fun tea

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Sun tea picture

Ah, late summer. Back to school sales and labor day weekend plans. Everyone tries to fit in the warm weather activities they have somehow neglected over the past few months. But there is still time to squeeze in a few more barbecues, ball games, and iced cold beverages such as...sun tea! Yes, summer provides days with the most hours of sunlight and therefore the most opportunities to brew your favorite tea utilizing those UV rays.

Tea with scones or biscuits, a cup of tea at night or in the morning? These are all the typical ways we think of enjoying our tea. I have to admit that a cup of tea is something I didn't really think of enjoying outside of my daily routine. That was until I started reading the great articles on here, written by Ani. The recipes of delicious cuisines made with the finest California Tea House Teas were delicious to read about. Then it hit me! Everyone has heard of the everyday ways to enjoy tea. How about something a little adventurous? So I started researching. How can I incorporate tea into other times? We often pair wine with food, why not tea?

Rest Assured With Rooibos: Natural Allergy Relief

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I am lucky enough to live in a very outdoorsy city where the opportunity to hike, bike, run and picnic in lush, green surroundings is very accessible. As with most beautiful, lush, green places, allergies often creep into your day and wreak havoc on outside adventures. If you're like me, you'll do everything possible before taking antihistamines that leave many people weirdly wired and in no condition to enjoy the rest of their day.

In search of a natural remedies and immune boosts to combat allergies, I came across numerous articles and studies supporting rooibos as a common cure for seasonal allergies. While the effects of the tisane are believed by many to eliminate or prevent symptoms of allergic reaction, it must be noted that the theory is not scientifically proven and may not work for some. If you're anything like myself and other allergy sufferers, you'd rather try drinking tea before many of the other options!

Tea: It's What's for Dessert

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Are you trying to lose weight, maintain your weight, or lower your blood sugar or cholesterol? If so, then I'm sure that at one time or another you have tried to accomplish your goals by skipping dessert.

But really, who wants to skip a sweet ending to a long day of work or school?dessert tea

Fortunately, you can still have your sweet ending but spare yourself the calories and the guilt.

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