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Sustainability, describes a lifestyle in which resources are used to their fullest and not depleted or permanently destroyed. Sustainability is a wonderful philosophy as it can be practiced in almost every daily activity and anyone, regardless of age or living situation, can begin to practice it at any point. Whether you drink tea for health, for flavor, to wake up or to fall asleep, you can begin a sustainable practice simply by choosing and using your tea wisely!

earth tea

Love the earth with loose tea:

A World of Possibili-teas!

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Tea Revives you

Early on in my romance with tea, or looking at it now it was probably an inseparable facet of that budding love-story, it occurred to me that tea was one of those rare "universals" in our world. One that, with regard to the place of importance it holds across cultures, sits in the company of those other great tenets of humankind- love, anger, sorrow, birth, death... Wait, come again? How is it that tea might be equated to the strongest and most translatable of human experiences? Well, that's what this post is about.

Creating memories, a journey through time

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Close your eyes. Lift up your cup of tea, and inhale the aroma. How do you feel? Does the scent of your tea trigger a memory for you? Is it a fond one? Scientists have found that scents, can in fact trigger memory. Scent is actually the strongest sense that triggers memory. So it's no wonder that every time I have a cup of the Jasmine Pearls from CTH, I am tea memoriesoverwhelmed with peacefulness.

Twelve long years ago, I was pregnant with my first child. I was due anytime, and helping out in my parents cafe back home. As pregnant as I was, I spent a lot of time sitting in an old white rocking chair, in front of the bay windows in the cafe. I loved to sit there, watching the people go by, the snow drifting in the air. Sitting in the chair, my hand on my abundant belly, feeling hope, pride and nervous excitement.

Teach your friends and family to enjoy tea!

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If your circle of family and friends is anything like mine, you are probably the only tea drinker. And there's nothing wrong with that; but, as those of us who indulge our tea practice regularly know, tea has a way of enriching one's life. It's natural to want to share the benefits once you discover them!

So, how do you encourage your friends and family to enjoy tea without being pushy or alienating them? Simple; enjoy tea with them.

Maximize the experience: make sure you choose a pretty setting for your tea-drinking escapade.


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tea memories

For my "maiden post" I thought I would tell you a bit about how I got here. I got my love for tea and all things tea from my mom. She, of course, gave me my first tea set... It was a child's set made of China, with beautiful yellow roses and gold trim. Tea parties were among the few girlie things I did as a child. I have two older brothers and was a bit (understatement) of a tom boy. I still have some of the pieces from my childhood sets, but most were broken... I retain the pieces like fragments of those memories.

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