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Tea Reduces the Risk of Alzheimers?

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For anyone who has ever had a relative that has suffered from Alzheimers, you know it is a devastating disease. It is impossibly difficult to watch your loved one suffer. My grandmother and my grandmother in law both suffered from Alzheimers. Knowing that genetics can play a part in risk factors, I want to do all I can to decrease the risk for my family. That is why when I found some great information on Alzheimers and tea, I just had to share it here. The study is below. It turns out that tea drinkers fared much better with cognitive decline. Thankfully there are many flavors to choose from, and I will be sharing a cup of tea with my family every day!

tea reduces the risk of alzheimers

Enjoying Your Night Time Tea - Volume 1

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Watching blooms while drinking tea 1

If you're like me, you drink tea at all hours of the day... right up until (and sometimes past) bedtime. This post is about one of those nights... I love to sit outside, while drinking my favorite cup (or pot in this case) of decaf or herbal, in the summer when the night bloomers are active and take in the aroma of night blooming jasmine... Some orchids, too, only emit their lovely fragrances at night. One of my favorite night time specticals is the opening of my night blooming Epiphylum cactus flowers.

It starts out like this...

Watching blooms while drinking tea 2

Why Loose leaf Tea?

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Whether it is packaged in tea bags or is loose leaf, all tea comes from the same plant, the camellia sinesis. So why do some people prefer loose leaf tea?

Tiramisu Rooibos

As it turns out, there is a world of difference between the product found in a tea bag, and that found in loose leaf tea.

First of all, loose leaf tea is typically hand-picked, whereas the tea found in tea bags consists of small pieces of tea leaves. The latter results in a quicker and therefore more convenient brew, but not quite as much flavor. Additionally, tea bags may tend to give a harsher taste than loose leaf tea due to the release of additional tannins. Furthermore, because the leaves are broken up, the essential oils and chemicals that give tea its taste may evaporate, leaving the drinker with a poorly flavored cup.

Tea Puns and Poetry

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tea humorI read this joke today: What is the tea leaf's favorite form of literature? Poetea.

I was quiet, unchanged, laughless. It is a terrible joke, after all, and i was inspired to form this gem (and source of undue pride): Who is the tea leaf's favorite poet? Tea S. Eliot.

My first addition to the tiny world of tea humor spurred a hunt for classic T.S. Eliot verse concerning tea or tea leaves or cups, any semblance of tea culture in the influential work one of the most important English-language poets. I came to a few lines near the end of "Hysteria." The image Eliot presents is an elderly server spreading a cloth over a rusting green table.

Sleek Steep Teapot Review

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Sleek Steep Tea Infuser

Thanks to my good fortune in landing my first magazine job, I received an opportunity to review a truly unique and wonderful piece of tea equipment last week: California Tea House's Sleek Steep Teapot.

Sleek certainly is the word for it: It's a beautiful, elegant piece that matches any dining room or kitchen set. And how about ease of use, you wonder? It's incredibly simple: Add your loose leaf tea, add your water, let it steep for the recommended amount of time, and then the magic happens. Lift the two-cup teapot, place it over your mug or cup, and just lightly press a spot on the underside of the teapot: the tea strains itself right into your mug!

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