Golden Monkey Paw - Tea Review

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I love tea... all kinds of tea... but when it comes down to it... black tea is my favorite.

golden monkey pawCalifornia Tea House's Golden Monkey Paw black tea is a gorgeous whole leaf tea...

golden monkey paw black tea

Look at these lovely leaves! Being whole leaf, this tea is full of all those wonderful antioxidents and good things that black tea is known for.

Benefits of Ginger Tea

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The Japanese swear by it and it has one of the most unique flavors in the world, Ginger. For centuries, the benefits of ginger have been utilized in natural medicine.

Ginger is taken from the root or rhizome of a plant called Zingiber officinale and has a long history as a natural healer. Once you realize that Ginger is also delicious and adds a special 'bite' of flavor, Ginger quickly becomes one of your favorite ingredients! At California Tea House, we like to use Ginger in some of our custom tea blends for the added spicy, Chai like flavor and because we are always trying to formulate the absolute best healthy, organic tea blends. Here are some health benefits of Ginger Tea:benefits of ginger

By the Numbers: Tea & Travel in China

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tea travel I'm a travel junkie with few immediate plans to change that. As I yearn for the rush of my next adventure, Spain!, websites focused on travel appease my cravings. As so, The Matador Network has given me the inspiration that I'm adopting here. In the name of tea and travel, I've taken a spin on their weekly "By the Numbers" blog offering and curtailed it for you.

Herbal Remedies for Insomnia

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herbal remedies for insomnia

Why can't I fall asleep!? Learn Herbal Remedies for Insomnia:

I've have had difficulty sleeping for the majority of my life and lately with the stress of school and late nights, my sleeping patterns are way out of wack. Not wanting to take prescription sleeping pills, It was time I discovered some herbal remedies for insomnia.

I've tried many different remedies : melatonin, warm milk, listening to classical music and nothing has been as consistent as having a cup of tea a half hour before hitting the hay.

Where to find unique and inexpensive teaware

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It's safe to say that almost everyone is trying to save as much money as possible in this economy. But being frugal doesn't mean anyone should go without entirely!

discount teaware

There are plenty of nontraditional places you may not expect to find teaware that are actually full of inexpensive, unique pieces.

1. eBay. And you thought it was just for textbooks and electronics! But there are always a couple of dozen high-quality sets listed there.

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