The Magical Powers of Yoga and Tea!

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I've been practicing yoga on and off for a number of years, really having trouble sticking to a consistent routine. For the past week I've propelled myself into daily practice every morning to help heal some injuries I sustained to my back and to help clear my mind. Yoga does a lot of things for my mind and body that tea also does. I've been thinking about all of the parallels between yoga and tea:

tea and yoga

- tea and yoga settle and stimulate my mind

Tea and Halloween

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It's October 31st, one of the best days of the year for kids. But, what's so great about Halloween for adults and what does tea have to do with it anyway? Well, if you're a woman like me, Halloween's gifts always included dress-up fantasies and chocolate.

But what if you just got a last minute command performance invitation to a costume party or you've decided you need to wear a costume to encourage a dearly beloved child who's nervous about dressing up to go trick or treating and you're all out of ideas? How about wearing a tea related costume? You could choose the classic Alice, Mad Hatter, or Queen of Hearts characters or as a teapot,teabag, or tea towel. How about becoming a Chinese Dragon or a tea leaves reading Fortune Teller for the night? 

Rooibos for Flu and Cold Season

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What tea can you drink to help relieve cold symptoms? Rooibos tea for colds!
Fresh-Roasted Dragonwell Leaves
On the precipice of Halloween, southwest Georgia shows off her changing colors–the pods have fallen from almost every gum tree, and each Japanese oak seems to cling on to its last majestic leaflet, before it inevitably must tumble to the ground. And the cradling action of each leaf that falls is reflected in each cup of Dragonwell.

How to Use Tea in Meditation

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Meditation is being proclaimed by magazines, medical journals, and adherents everywhere as the Next Big Thing: a cure for stress, for headaches, for pain, even for obesity. While I'm not personally in a position to make any huge claims about meditation's efficacy as a cure for any ailment, I can certainly say that it has helped me achieve and maintain a sense of balance in my own hectic life.

tea in meditation

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