Tea Gift Wrapping

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Tea Gift Wrapping

We wanted to offer gift wrapping for awhile, and now it's available just in time for the holidays!

Tea has always made a great gift! Our custom tea blends look as wonderful as they taste which pairs perfectly with our colorful packaging. Gourmet tea is a must around the house during the cold weather holidays to brighten up the party and warm up the guests. California Tea House now offers the option of having your order wrapped beautifully in wicker baskets with colorful stuffing and an elegant, velvet bow to make your tea gifts even more enticing.

Lemon Meringue Tea - Review

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The aroma of this tea, when I first opened the pouch, was heavenly! I love vanilla and you can tell it's in there with the lemon grass and lemon preserves.

lemon pie tea

While waiting for the kettle to boil I admired the lovely color, set off by the lemon grass pieces.

Once steeped, the flavors came to life with the rich red color... I love vanilla and the vanilla beans came through, as did the lemon preserves, to produce a lovely lemon creme flavor.

How to Host a Modern Tea Party

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In today's busy society, it seems like everyone wants more time with family and friends. And yet for many of us, hosting a dinner or even a lunch is daunting: there's the preparation, the cooking, the cleaning, the dishes -- oh, the dishes!

An afternoon tea can be a quick, painless way to host a get-together. All the host needs to do is brew tea, set out some snacks if desired, and enjoy the company!

tea party illusions

A New Teaware Culture?

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green cup and teapot teawareHave you gone to a tea room lately? Of the many that I've been to or researched, they are all either English or Asian style. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that... but is this how you enjoy your tea? Do you always have your tea in a china cup and saucer... or from an Asian pot in a tea bowl? Or... do you have a favorite mug? I have many pots and many cups, mostly without saucers and many mugs (I use a mug in the mornings)... I tend to marry pots I like with cups and creamer/sugar sets that don't match the pot perfectly, to make my own tea sets.

Tannins in Tea: The Facts

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As any tea drinker is aware, most types of tea, from green to black to herbal, contain various amounts of a group of chemical compounds collectively referred to as "tannins." But what does this mean?
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