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Darjeeling Tea Vinaigrette

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garden sage

My husband, Will, and I planted our first vegetable garden at the tail end of spring. We were so excited to harvest a variety of tomatoes, pumpkin, okra, squash, cucumber and a plethora of greens and herbs by the beginning of fall.

Tea and Almond Recipe

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A while back I embarked on a journey to try every recipe printed in the fabulous book, Culinary Tea by Cynthia Gold and Lise Stern. My journey was interrupted by a gift from God…I became pregnant with my first child. As I could not reap the fruits of my labor, i.e., as I was now prohibited from consuming caffeine, I decided it was best to wait until now.

With my son sound asleep right next to me this 3rd month of his birth, I have shaken the dust off of my copy of Culinary Tea and am ready to dive back into trying all recipes.

The Healing Properties of Tea

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A couple of days ago I had small accident.

We'll just say that I was perhaps a little too tired to be slicing an apple and in addition to a couple of ounces of beautiful, crisp, sweet gala apple slices, I wound up with a beautifully sliced thumb as well. It was almost like a surprise holiday bonus. Almost.

tea heals cuts

Anyway, since I use my thumbs quite a bit as a primate, writer, student, and assistant office manager, my first reaction after suturing myself up (thank you, Girl Scouts) was to scour the Internet for information on how I could help my injury heal as quickly as possible.

Why Organic Tea?

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Many of the herbal teas offered by California Tea House are grown at small, organic farms in California; these farms also provide many of the berries and flowers found in other teas. Even large chains like Wal-Mart have begun to offer and promote organic products. In my experience, organic products taste the same as coventionally-raised and produced food items, yet cost much more. So, what gives? Why is it important to eat and drink organic, even when it coems to tea?organic tea

Tea Soothes My Soul and My Throat

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I get sore throats a lot - any time of year, any time of day, for any reason really. I don't know why, it's just been a thing about me for the past couple of years. I think this was a lot of the reason I started drinking so much tea. When I first developed allergies I would drink 3-6 cups of tea a day and it would really do the trick.tea for sore throat

That being said, I am a songwriter and I love to sing, making my voice very important to me. I've tried lots of teas to soothe my throat and keep my voice strong. I almost never play and sing without a mug of hot tea by my side. Through trial and error I've found some teas and ingredients or additions that work particularly well for polishing those pipes:

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