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There’s really no magic number of how long you can wait between tea re-steeps, but it’s a good practice to not let your tea sit for longer than 12 hours between steeps. A shorter time between steeps, like 4-6 hours is even better.

That being said, there are a few things you can do to make sure your tea is in best condition between steeps.re-steeping tea

Going Green (and Pink)

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I'm not proud to admit it, but though I consider myself a tea lover, I've never been a fan of green tea. I'd love to get a dose of green tea's healthy antioxidants, like the EGCG I profiled in a previous post, which can fend off cancer and Alzheimer's. I like green vegetables, green lights, and the green movement to save our beautiful planet - and yet, somehow, green tea left me cold.
pomegranate tea

In my tea travels, I’m always looking for a great place for afternoon high tea. If you happen to be in Wayne, PA, I have found the perfect place: A Taste of Britain. Tucked away amongst cute shoppes off Route 30, this wide-planked, restful-rooms restaurant, with its soothing pale green walls, classy chandeliers and homey atmosphere, this truly is the place to have lunch, tea, or the full complement of tea and scones- the Afternoon High Tea.

a taste of Britian tea shop

My Favorite New Tea Toy!

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I can never seem to escape Williams-Sonoma without a bag full of something. At $11 I came out of there relatively unscathed.

Here's my new toy:

New Williams-Sonoma Toy

I own a standard mesh tea ball steeper. It gets the job done.

But this...She is a thing of beauty!

Tea for Dogs?

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tea for dogsIntroducing the first ever tea for dogs, Machu's Blend. An all-natural, herbal tea blend formulated to keep your best friend healthy, happy and lower the stresses that shorten the lifespan of urban dogs. We have a Great Dane named Machu Picchu who has become a bit of a mascot here at California Tea House. Machu spends most of his time laying around on his enormous day bed, soaking up the sun and welcoming guests while we scramble around blending and tasting new teas.

dog tea

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