Coffee vs Tea - a Comparison Part I

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coffee vs teaBoth coffee and tea are among the most popular drinks in the world. For all other reasons,  these two have always been favored by people from different countries, different races. Science and research kept on telling us over and over the benefits of each but none could really point out which of the two is say, better.  This will be a series of short articles on comparing coffee vs tea, discussing their origins, composition, health benefits and other useful information that might help us determine which really is the one.

Valerian and Chai Tea- A brew against insomia

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tea and insomniaNothing is more rewarding than having a sound rest after a long, tiresome day. But unfortunately, not all people seem lucky enough to enjoy that peaceful rest. Sleeping disorders such as insomia could definitely take its toll on worn out bodies and exhausted minds. This condition, arising from a number of possible causes, including anxiety, stress, depression and other psychological factors, has affected a majority of people, summing up to about 30-50% of the US population.

green teaHere's some great news for you Green Tea fans out there: a study recently published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences has found that an unlikely combination of green tea and gold may help to treat prostate cancer. University of Missouri reseachers found through tests on mice that combining a compound found in green tea leaves with nanoparticles of gold led to the destruction of cancer cells. The particles are tiny enough to destroy the cancer cells while leaving surrounding tissue intact. This new treatment, if applied to humans, would require doses far lower than chemotherapy, according to the researchers.

The Muse's Friend: Great Britain and Tea

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As the eyes of the world turn toward London and the city fills with athletes and visitors from all corners of the globe, I can't help but turn to thinking about one of my favorite aspects of British culture: their intense, often parodied love of tea. While often seen as a stereotypical hallmark of the way in which the world views Britain, the unassuming drink and the UK's love for it has played a big role in history. It's estimated that approximately 165 million cups of tea are drunk daily in the UK, but what are the origins of this drink in the countries? How did it find its way past the White Cliffs of Dover?

Cool and Delicious Apricot Chai Milkshake

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As I sit typing this blog post, it is 114 degrees Fahrenheit outside my front door. Needless to say, it is hot and, with most of the United States experiencing high temperatures as well, it may just be time to find a tea related remedy for this problem. I have a solution from in the form of an easy to make Apricot Chai Tea Milkshake recipe that only takes about 10 minutes to prepare.

chai tea milkshake

What you'll need:

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