Enjoying Health in Chamomile Tea

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chamomile tea benefitsIt is amazing how the propagation of tea has progressed overtime. From a simple drink, tea has leveraged into becoming a popular health drink known to cure and aid several illnesses and health discomforts. Among the herbs now popularly used as tea is chamomile, a flowering plant from the daisy family.

Chamomile Tea

Pu-erh Tea - The Healthy Chinese Tea

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pu-erh teaSince the early times, tea has become one of the most exquisite and relaxing drink patronized by people from all throughout the world. Not only is it loved by its calming, soothing and tasty properties, but also because of all the tea health benefits made known to us. Since its propagation, several tea collections and flavors have been developed and among them are green tea, black tea, white tea and oolong tea. But have you ever heard of pu-erh tea? If not, this short article will give you an overview of its history and its benefits.

coffee and tea benefitsI am particularly keen on topics regarding coffee and tea. I am a fan of both, but my curiosity led me to do my own research. In the end, it actually helped me come up with a comprehensive generalization and of course a more favored drink. If you are as curious as I am, or just want to learn bits of information, please read on.

Lorrayne's Lemon Sweet Tea Pork Roast

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Our Southern friends have been cooking with tea for years. In the American South tea is ideal not only for drinking, but also for brining, making a simple glaze or, like my recipe below, used dry as part of a rub. This recipe can be used also be used on ribs, beef roasts, and poultry. If you are using ribs or poultry with skin still on, omit the vegetable oil.

Lorrayne's Lemon Sweet Tea Pork Roast

pork roast with tea rub

½ ounce, or 6 bags, of black tea leaves

coffee bean and tea leafWe have already begun comparing coffee vs tea on our first short article. Now we will discuss more of the overall feel, the drinking experience and the compostition that makes coffee and tea distinct from each other.